At this point, I believe that most of you have attended a number of Christmas parties, dinners, or reunions over the past days. One of my bosses introduced me to the term, party fatigue. It's that stress and tiredness as a result of attending consecutive parties over the past days. But in my case, I'm way far from experiencing that level of fatigue. The rank and file employee and teacher in me can still count the number of gatherings I have attended. So far, I had three Christmas parties and I intend to share some highlights in this post.

This annual institutional Christmas party fell on the day of my most awaited birthday. 

The party's theme required us to wear Project Runway inspired outfits. You know how I'm uncreative in dressing up myself. In effect, I wore my ever favorite jeans, green shirt and a red scarf on top of everything.  Remember my post-birthday post? This is what I wore for the party.

The scarf I used was not a real one. It was a scrap of cloth I bought from a local shop called, Tela Por Kilo. The shop carries a wide selection of fabrics and what's best about the store? They sell the fabric by weight instead of length. I bought a yard of red cotton fabric for only Php 45 (less than $1). I cut and stitched the edges and there! I also attached my little Christmas bear to emphasize the kid at heart in me. 

Here are more pictures from our Project Runway party

My two colleagues who vied for the best in outfit

I'm not sure who are their pegs. Haha But it worked for them! The happy and gay on the left won the best attire for the male category.

And the decors I love

Some of my colleagues wanted to take home a pot of these Poinsettias. No one actually succeeded with their evil plans. LOL

I love the bamboo poles dressed with Christmas lights. They can serve as great substitute for Christmas trees. I just don't know with the angel's wings. I find them a bit inappropriate.

Aside from the institutional Christmas gathering, my teaching family also hosted a party. I've been serving the College for a number of years and this is my first time to join them.

Turn off the lights and let's groove tonight!

My first Christmas party with my teaching colleagues was a blast. It was my first time to join them and it was a decision I will never regret. The small group contained all the happiness and I love the fact that before we parted ways, our Dean required us to hug and express our Christmas wishes to each other. It was a simple and short party, but I felt that rare overflowing happiness.

The low resolution photo does not do any justice with the unique and recycled table centerpiece.

Used CDs as centerpiece for a retro inspired party. The CDs blend well with the strobe lights.

How about you? How many Christmas parties have you attended? I would love to see pictures and read your experiences too.