A day after my birthday, my family went out of town to visit my maternal auntie. When my maternal grandparents were still alive, we would spend Christmas for days in the province. When my grandparent's house was inherited and renovated by one of my uncles, our visits became less often. We only visited my Nanay's (mother) hometown for a day.

My Nanay came from quite a big family. They were five children and all of them have their own families. Among her siblings, I believe my mother is closest to her sisters

I don't have sisters and sometimes I envy my Nanay for this blessing. Although, I have a few female friends, I believe that the bond between sisters is still different.

Whenever we visit my Auntie's house, we are always welcomed with this

I love them but my cousins and I would joke about this
 Remember that addicting game, Plants vs. Zombies? We are equipped zombies!

More garden space that we don't have in the city.

One of the favorite fruits of my Daddy

A closer look of the Jackfruit!

Aside from a great garden space, the classic front porch with the elegant chairs is something we don't have in the city.
A rocking chair, great book, and a view of the garden in this porch is very relaxing. Perfect for my short weekend break, if only I can bring them in the city.  

 Another reason to love the porch is this creative Christmas tree. Young bamboo poles decorated that can serve as an alternative Christmas tree.

The real reason why we visited my Auntie is because of these two kids
They are my fellow December girls.

Happy Birthday Princesses!

Before the party, the little one was more than excited over the preparations
Meet the future fashion and makeup blogger ;)

Of the numerous pictures I captured, this one is my most favorite
My Nanay and the newest member of my maternal family. How could you not adore a happy and handsome baby boy?