In a few more hours, it will be Christmas Eve. Yay! All the preparations are finally done. The holiday rush and the Christmas parties everywhere are finally over. Work is temporarily out and I'm enjoying my quiet time with my family. I read books, watch TV series all night and wake up the next day without hitting the snooze button of my mobile phone. Lesser stress and worries, this is life!

Aside from the long awaited holiday break, one of the best things I enjoy about this season are the overflowing presents. Who doesn't love gifts anyway? Haha Allow me to share some of the best gifts I've received over the past weeks.

Looking for Alaska by John Green

There was a long story before I received this book. I joined one of those exchange gifts and we were given the chance to write our desired gifts. I was hoping that someone would give me a copy of John Green's The Fault in our Stars or Paper Towns. To my biggest disappointment, I never received the gift I wanted. I guess my "exchange gift mommy" was so obedient to the Php 300 requirement. When my birthday came, my best friend at the workplace gave me this book. It wasn't my exact wish but I was happy to receive something from John Green

To this date, I'm still wishing for a copy of John Green's The Fault in our Stars.

Cupcakes with Frosted Icing

I remember seeing these cute cupcakes last summer with another friend from the workplace. I told her I wanted these minicakes for my birthday. Months passed and my friend granted my wish. Hooray! Real friends know how to fulfill the wish of the kid at heart in me. 

Something private

My first Bio Fresh came from another colleague turned friend. I've been hearing good reviews about Bio Fresh from other local bloggers. I can vouch for the effectiveness of this brand. (Nope, this isn't a paid post) It lives to its claimed promises. 

The Shopaholic's Bestfriend

I've been blessed with a great boss. Aside from being understanding and considerate, my boss is very generous too. Best of all is that his generosity is coupled with great taste. Thank you Sir! This was the first time someone gave me something from one of my favorite clothing brands.

I love accessories or any DIY projects that relate a special story. This charm bracelet was made by the mother of my colleague. I love the fact that my colleague's mother did some research and attached this piece of paper to the charm bracelet. 

How did it become a gift? This is a new set of freelance work. Some of you may know how much I looove this line of work. Although it's work, my research writing job enables me to meet new people and learn from other working environments. Best about everything, I'm able to work and earn within the comforts of my home and own schedule.

Although Christmas is just a few hours away, I still welcome presents LOL But seriously, any present even in the form of words of encouragement and appreciation are more than enough to make me feel the happiness of Christmas.

How about you? What made you the happiest over the past days?