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This week the question posted was

What is the last book that made you cry?
Tell us about the scene

My answer

It was the father-daughter scene from The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight. When Hadley was having this dialogue with her father

Dad: I think this guy would be happier too, if you let him go. (pertaining to a firefly) You know what 
they say, If you love something set it free.
Hadley: What if he doesn't come back
Dad: Some things do, some things don't. He said, reaching over to tweak her nose, I'll always come back to you anyway.
Hadley: You don't light up. Hadley pointed out, but only Dad smiled.
Dad: I do when I'm with you.

Part of me was affected because I admit that I'm not used to having this kind of conversation with my own Father. I was rather blessed with a Father, who I see as a man of few words. We rarely have heart-to-heart conversations, but deep inside I know He loves me more than anything else. My Father has this mysterious and magical presence that despite his silence, I know I always have him with me.