The photo proves that we still have Summer in December.

I mentioned in a previous post of my dream to experience the colder temperature in my dear tropical country. Some of you were even surprised of my desire to experience that freezing temperature. Wearing boots, trench coats and those winter attires ...  me and my wishful thinking  ;)  I had this dream but deep inside, I know that my body can't withstand excessive exposure to the colder weather. Haha I guess I'm just overwhelmed with the idea of experiencing what I never had.

Unfortunately, it's still very summer here in my country as I'm typing this post. I miss those mornings when all I wanted to do is snuggle on my bed, with my pillows and cotton blanket. Surprisingly, despite the summer temperature, I found myself getting caught with colds and fever again. This might be caused by my recent trips to the shopping mall, where I have to squeeze in with the troop of stressed shoppers. Two days before my birthday and I'm sick sniff sniff

Hopefully, I'll be well soon.