Monday, December 31, 2012

What's keeping me busy

Despite the holiday sadness that has been plaguing me over the past days, I suddenly felt the drive to write and blog again. I made a sad post a while ago. Let me compensate by writing a few good things that has been keeping me busy.

One of the things that kept me busy over the holiday break is work?

This is how I define multitasking. Preparing and analyzing tables while my iPad is there to give me a little entertainment through my Facebook and Twitter accounts. Thank you social networking for keeping me awake at 2:00 am.

As of date, I'm happy to report that I'm more than half way with my two freelance works. Yay! Wish me more for 2013.

My other client was generous enough to advance some payment. I decided to give myself a break so days ago, I treated my Nanay to a movie and food date.
Mojos in honey mustard sauce and super supreme pizza!

I did some shopping with my Nanay and here are the little treats that my humble job can afford
Because no one was generous enough to play Santa on me last Christmas, I decided to became one for myself.

My movie marathon experience will elevate to a degree higher because I finally have that DVD player with a USB slot

I'm so outdated, haha! I'm still using an old and fat colored TV in my room. If more freelance works would come this year, I will purchase my own flat screen that can feed a hard drive with tons of movie downloads.

While I started to acquire more things again, I did my annual yearend tradition

Someone got tired of cleaning up so the best reward 
 Happy Tummy!

After doing some decluttering, I gave away some of my things which include this

Anyone interested? I'm giving away this book to any of my local blog friends. As much as I want to extend the invitation to everyone, the expensive shipping fee hinders me. Please send me an email, if you want to adopt my book. I will send them to you for free.

At this point, everyone is surely busy with their own New Year's Eve party. As for me, I'm relaxing and enjoying my quiet time with my family.

Enjoy the New Year's Eve! Wishing everyone a happier and better 2013!


  1. Diane, I wish you all the best in 2013, Happy New Years!

  2. Diane, I'm really sorry about the loss of your friend Anna and I hope one day you will fondly remember the good times without heartache.
    For the new year I wish you happiness, fun times with friends, much laughter, success in your work and above all health! hugs to you and see you in 2013!
    Duni ♥


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