I have so many adjectives to describe the past week. Sad, happy, annoyed, frustrated and all of a sudden, excited? As much as I want to relate everything, a blog post may not be enough. If what happened over the past week is a sign of the months to come, I'm willing to embrace it. I don't mind experiencing a point of sadness, if it means gaining two points of happiness.

Here are the few good things that made my week

My current read

I'm still in the early chapters of the book. What I love about this book? The entire story is uniquely narrated by "Death." Morbid? Not really. The novel relates the life of Liesl Meminger, the kid who happens to be the The Book Thief. The story's setting was in 1939, which captures some points in the history of Nazi Germany. Liesl's story reminded me of The Diary of Anne Frank. Liesl however is a German whose entire life evolved on poverty. She was adopted by another poverty stricken German family that fueled the entire story.  

Aside from having a great read, here's another source of my happiness. 

I feel so blessed in the beginning of the year. More than the extra money in the bag, I'm thankful for the job that allows me to exercise my humble research skills.

Just when I said that "keeping life simple" was my objective this year. Look what happened...

My greatest excuse : I'll be using this for my WALKaton adventures in my upcoming trip. And this reminds me that I still need to raise shopping funds. 

Some realizations after something not-so-good happened in the middle of the week.


On the lighter side, I discovered a new antidote for sadness. 
These are definitely cheaper than food or a new pair of shoes.

Hope everyone is having a Beautiful Sunday! 

I'm having one because