Most people would say that they formed the best years of their life during High School. This is the age when we establish our dreams, we build our own set of lifelong friends and more often than not, a lot of the "first" adventures were made in High School.

I have my own share of first hand and priceless experiences in High School. I was allowed to go out for a movie date with my friends. I was permitted to sleep in another friend's house. I was given a TV in my own room. Among all the experiences, what I cherished most in my High School days are the trust and freedom I earned from my parents.

I was convinced that my high school escapades are already the best. I was made to believe that college would be hell because it meant more responsibilities. Life would be harder. Studies were harder but life got better for me in college.

In High School, I had more than enough share of  barely breathing grades in my Math subjects, needs improvement marks in my writing compositions, report cards that gave my Nanay a regular source of headaches, self-esteem issues and in a few times, became the laughing object of some mean girls.

When I went to college, the pressure of the academic life was still there. What made everything different is the new life, friends and the opportunity to make things right. I gained more and better friends in college. I met friends who shared the same financial struggles. I was in the company of friends who were also constrained by meager allowances. I still battled my self-esteem issues but I learned to handle it over time. There were still mean girls, but our paths never crossed. (Or perhaps, I turned out as one of the mean girls. haha) In terms of academics,  it was only in college when I spared my Nanay from the worries of having failing grades. At some point, I also felt that much needed respect from my classmates. Gone are the days when some girls would give me those sharp glances and obvious giggles.

Fast forward now, it's been ages since I saw everyone from my college days. Most of them live away from Manila. Some already have their own families and as always, work never failed to keep us apart. I was supposed to meet some of them last December. However, I decided not to push through because everyone was too occupied with Christmas parties. We decided to meet early this year and I was so happy that it happened.

The last time I'm with them? I can't even remember. The only thing I'm sure, we were still in our early 20s during our last meet up.

Meet some of my greatest college friends

Yes, only some were present. But someone took a little effort to join us
Skyping all the way from UK!

And what's the best partner for great friends and a list of long overdue stories?
Sample Appetizer plate made of chicken strips, potato croquettes, french fries and crab sticks
Healthy Pesto with chicken

Two pizza flavors in one!

The best after a heavy meal
Cream puffs from Chewy Jr.!

More photo snippets of our meet up

How to distinguish Filipino friends in a crowd
Everyone is taking pictures and updating their Twitter and Facebook accounts LOL

I'm sure it will take us months to years to repeat this. I wouldn't mind waiting and wasting an entire day with them.

Till we meet again! :)