Where did time go? Tomorrow will be the last week of January. The first month of the year is over and soon it will be December again. (Now, that's an exaggeration haha) Nothing much happened this week except for, as always, the bulk of work from teaching. Reading papers and nagging reminding my dear college kids for not complying with deadlines. 

Despite the full schedule, here are the few beautiful things that made my week.


One of my greatest weaknesses is spending. The pile of bills to pay, grown up problems and the challenge to fatten my savings account comprise my never ending struggle. Some months ago, I decided to invest on mutual funds. I made this decision despite my dwindling savings account. Wrong move. I know. It was an impulsive decision as well. With my eyes closed, I took away some money from my savings account and placed it to this investment. After a few months, I realized that it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I received my notice of dividends and I was happy with how my hard earned money is working.


The best way to end a stressful day! Cupcakes with frosted icing are just my greatest weakness. Unfortunately, Sophie's Mom Red Velvet cupcakes is way far from my daily route. The nearest that I could get is Brownie's Unlimited. For Php 32, I have my own dose of heavenly sweetness.

Speaking of cupcakes, I passed by this cupcake store in Trinoma a few days ago. 

My local friends might have read of Vanilla Cupcakes from other local bloggers. Their bigger and main site is located in Glorietta. This branch only occupies a space from the huge Kamiseta boutique. I love everything in here. The cupcakes treats and the interiors make a perfect match. The only problem I see here, the cupcakes are a bit pricey. A cupcake costs an average of Php 70 and a dozen order would rip off Php 1,250 from your wallet.

The bread may not look pleasing and enticing for my other blog friends. It may not be picture perfect but I can assure you, this is one of the best. Bread Talk's Cheese floss made of soft bread oozing with cheese and pork floss is another sinful but heavenly way to end the day.


I arrived at work with this beautiful mess on my table. Seriously, I hope they considered that a working table is meant for working. :-) I wasn't pissed off though. I understood the fact that they took advantage of my clean and empty work space to get things going. Our little office space is finally getting its own makeover. Hence, the presence of the beautiful mess. Seeing my empty table which I make it a point to clean before the weekends, it became a major casualty for all the displaced materials in the office.

I hope everyone is having a Beautiful Sunday. I'm off for some freelance work again so pardon the lousy and boring post.