It was the first Friday of the work week for 2013. When the week started, I don't have plans of going out. I wanted to go home and spent the entire night reading The Fault in our Stars. Before the week started, I was already craving for burgers. Truth is, the craving started since New Year's eve. While there's always Mc Donald's in our place, I was dreaming of a real burger. Either Mama Chit's, Sango, or Brother's Burgers served with huge cut fries was my picture of a real burger.

When the week started, I told Tinee of my long unfulfilled craving. I remember her uploading a picture of a cheesy burger in her Facebook account. Being a burger addict, she knows that I would love her discovery. When I told her I wanted to experience the mysterious burger place, she accommodated my request. On a rainy Friday night, we headed to Vito Cruz in Manila to finally fulfill my burger craving. 

The place that serves that enticing burger is Zark's Burgers. It is situated in front of De La Salle University so the immediate clients would be students. When we arrived on their small space that can accommodate less than 50 persons, I was surprised by the diversity of student clients. There were students from UST, CEU and other universities away from the place. You see, Zark's is a clear proof that location is not really a major issue in creating a profitable business. If you really serve good food, people will took time and effort to come to your place.

The place was jampacked when we arrived and our photo can prove it. Despite the bulk of  burger enthusiasts, we were able to find a good seat immediately. If you come in a big group, it might take you some time to get a seat. Hence, additional patience is a requirement for the place. ;-) We were given the menu and if only my stomach can accommodate everything. I would like to have a taste of every item in the menu. I was brought to my own heaven of burger sinfulness.

Of the many choices presented to me, I ended up with the Three Pointer Burger.

Oh finally! The burger is served with three different cheese sauce, vegetables and huge cut fries.

All of their burgers are made of 1/4 pound beef patty so expect the unhealthy but flavorful blessing. It's heavenly evil!

Another friend ordered The Ultimate Burger.
If you want your burgers with bacon, the Ultimate Burger fits you. 

The experience was over but I'm still craving for another serving. Now I'm contemplating whether I'll visit the place on my own.

I can rate my burger experience 4 out of 5 stars. The burger was great but I have a few concerns about the place. As we were about to finish our burgers, we saw some insects on the floor. Is it because the place is situated inside an old building? Is it because of the floors that they fail to sweep, as a result of the continuous influx of customers? Another major concern, not all staff were accommodating and hygienic. In the middle of my meal, one of the servers took away the bottle of ketchup on our table. I would like to believe that he simply wants to refill the still "half-full" bottle. After a few minutes, I have to ask another waiter for the ketchup. To my surprise, the waiter handed me the ketchup bottle without the nozzle. Wow!  Is he trying to insult me? This might freak you out but the waiter who handed me the "nozzle less" ketchup bottle has an open wound near his thumb. I silently cringed and prayed that he wasn't the waiter who prepared our burgers. I hope the management addresses these problems soon.

Despite the sanitation issues, I'm willing to give Zark's another try. The burgers are worth it, minus the much needed service improvements.

For more information about Zark's Burger, visit their Facebook account here.