Sunday, January 13, 2013

Beautiful Sunday # 38 - Sweetest

First weekend after the first work week for 2013!

My first week has been good. Everything was manageable except for some tardiness issues I have to settle. Blame everything on the weather that is finally cooling down. Finally, our country is getting its own share of the colder temperature. Minus the threats of having colds and cough, I'm loving summer's temporary absence.

Aside from the change in temperature, here are the few beautiful things that made my week.

I've been mentioning my freelance works in my previous posts. Sorry for being so redundant but the happiness is just overflowing. How could I not appreciate my cooperative clients! My work with them is done. We just meet once in a while for clarifications and some discussions. Last Wednesday, I met them and things are going smooth and steady. Though they have already paid for my professional fee, they took time and effort to send me these goodies.
Thank you J and C!

Cookies and chocolates from M&S! How could I not refuse these sweet treats? At least in my country, M&S goodies are not cheap. I can count the number of times I purchased something from their store. And those few times would mean an ongoing yearend sale.
Between the two goodies, I left the Operetta Chocolates for myself. Those who know me well may find this choice so unlikely. I'm not a huge fan of chocolates. However, I have to make an exception for the Operetta Chocolates. This is M&S's version of Ferrero Rocher.


The unusual chocolate addiction is not yet over. My boss and I are having this conversation about expensive chocolates. I told him that my favorite would be Japan's Royce chocolates. I was telling him how I craved for Royce's chocolate coated potato chips. The next day, he gave me a few sticks of Royce Nutty Chocolate. My Boss was like a genie! After giving me a blouse from Zara last Christmas, he granted even my shallowest wish.


I mentioned in my previous post that I'm gradually loosing my drive to work. The hunger and enthusiasm to wake up and report for work everyday is not the same during my first years of working. I'm looking for some spark or challenge that would awaken my sleeping motivation. God was listening because before the week ended, I have two upcoming presentations. I'm scared and nervous but this is what I've asked for. Who am I to complain for these blessings?

I finally found the perfect planner. I used to purchase the Belle de Jour planner every year. Unfortunately, I always end up wasting my money. I would only consume a few pages of the planner. This year, I decided to simplify. I purchased a little and cheaper planner. 

 The sweet addiction is not yet over.

Open the box of happiness

I found a new love! I heard of these doughnuts so many years ago. I heard great reviews and true enough, I was hooked! While everyone here is addicted to J. Co's doughnuts, I'm enjoying Cello's! It's like  Krispy Kreme, but the level of sweetness is a degree lower.   

My favorite
Oreo Doughnut

A doughnut covered with bits of Oreo is a heaven of sinful sweetness!

What's best about this box of 15  mini doughnuts is the price tag. You can enjoy everything for only Php 180.


The best way to end the work week is to have a great time with friends. On my next post, I will blog my first burger night for 2013.

How about you? I hope you had a great week too.   


  1. I love those photos and descriptions of the chocolate treats, and you and your friends are very pretty, enjoying time together. I do freelance writing so understand your enjoyment of freelance work.

  2. A very sweet post - literally :) That was very kind of your clients and boss to give your the chocolate goodies!! I am craving some now too ;-)
    have a terrific Sunday!

  3. How beautiful! Your chocolate goodies you got look awesome! I'm drooling right now!! You and your friends look great, so pretty too! Thank you for hosting. Big hugs,

  4. It looks like you've had a fabulous 1st week back. What a "sweet" thing for your client to send you all those goodies. When I got down to the donuts, I decided it was time to find myself some chocolate:-) Thanks for stopping by and for your nice comments. Hope your next week is just as good.

  5. Those look like some delicious treats. So glad you are having a bit of a cool down in your weather. We are actually having freezing weather here in the AZ desert, and it's supposed to continue for a few days. We had to wrap all of our citrus and herbs in sheets to keep them from freezing. We are wearing lots of layers of clothing these days......brrrrr!


  6. Love chocolate treats....and I wish I had clients sending me treats like that! YAY for hamburger night....I'm looking forward to that post!


  7. You always find the best treats to eat! I can't eat sugar...I have some kind of reaction if I do but I have found a few sugar free things that I love! No one can live without chocolate! Enjoy the week ahead! Sweet hugs my namemate and friend!

  8. Sweet... literally! HA!

    2013 is going to be great!

  9. From one donut lover to another...YUMMMMM :) and thanks for allowing me to link up. Happy to be a new follower~

  10. Oh I definitely know how pricey M&S is in Asia. I also went a little crazy with their cookies that were on sale, when I visited Bristol last year.

    That Oreo donut?!?!?!? Oh man!!!


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