This is my first Beautiful Sunday post for 2013!

In a few more hours, I will be back to work. The two-week holiday break is REALLY over and I have to face my own reality. I'm happy to report that I spent most of my time at home. This saved me from spending and all those shopaholic attacks. However, even though I stayed home and ate less, I have a feeling that I gained lines in the weighing scale. My couch potato days at home is the culprit. As much as I wanted to return jogging, my lazy system can't get me going. I think I should add this task to my never-to-be- fulfilled new year resolutions. Haha

While I'm still savoring the last hours of my break, allow me to share the few good things that made the first week of my 2013.

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Romantic flix to tickle the hopeless romantic in me :)


Something blue! 

I'm enjoying John Green's The Fault in our Stars. The title became the Book of the Year of Fully Booked. Just a piece of advice to my local blog friends who are planning to acquire a copy : please lengthen your patience. It's always out of stock in most bookstores.

Just when I said that I wanted to be more frugal this year, look at how I gave in to my weakness. I purchased another pair of blue flats again. The only antidote for my shopaholic attacks is to teach myself how to dislike all these beautiful things. Is there a bitter pill for this? Haha


A few days ago, my cousin's family invited me for a mall date. Before we headed to our happy place, they toured me to their newly constructed home. Left is yours truly (trying my best to hide my heavy belly) and the ever slim kid is my cousin's daughter. Hopefully, they will allow me to post pictures of their house warming.

We went to our favorite SM Marikina and had our favorite milk tea from Chatime. Bonding time with my female cousins is something I wish to do more for 2013.


I met my dear friend Anne for lunch. For those who have been reading my blog, you know much we love Chicken BonChon. In effect, meeting Anne would always mean eating BonChon! I failed to meet Anne before the holidays. So she compensated by showering me with gifts. She gave me another read from Jane Green and chocolates for my much needed endorphins. Thanks girlfriend!


Remember my freelance work? God must have heard my prayers. After being swindled and deprived of compensation, my new set of clients paid my humble work already. Hooray for professional and respectful clients! I'm really praying that God will grant me more clients clients to pay for my bills and prepare for my upcoming trip. If only I could win the local lottery... But between luck and hardwork, I would always prefer the latter. Nothing beats the sweetness of earning everything through honest hardwork.

I hope everyone is having a good start too. I would love to hear your beautiful stories.