When I mentioned this book in one of my Beautiful Sunday series, Ricki left a comment that heightened my interest. Ricki said that her daughter finds the book disturbing. A few days later, my cousin accidentally revealed to me the core of the story. Instead of becoming annoyed, we just laughed about it. I guess this could also explain why I felt so lazy finishing it. Anyway, here’s my own take of the book.

The book was way different from my expectation. I initially thought that it will relate the unsaid sentiments and the journey of a silent kid who discovers love. I thought it was a teenage beach read. But the entire story was way deeper than my shallow expectations.

The entire story was narrated by Charlie and it was presented in the form of a letter. Charlie was writing to an anonymous friend. The letters started as Charlie is about to begin his life as a High School freshman. Since the letter was prepared by an innocent teenage kid, the words and presentation appeared raw and shallow. Ironically, I love it that way. Every sentiment was perfectly described. It made me see the struggles of a kid who is about to cross his teenage years. How a teenage kid discovers sex, drugs and balances his way with studies, friends and family are detailed in the best and simplest way. I guess even the grown ups in us can relate to at least one of Charlie's experiences. Of all the events in Charlie's life, I particularly love this realization of Charlie to his family

I am very interested and fascinated by how everyone loves each other but no one really likes each other.

This really made me laugh for a while! It made me remember some of our relatives.

Charlie may appear as a typical kid through his letters. However, some signs on what makes Charlie’s life extraordinary will be related in the course of the story. Unfortunately, this was what my cousin unintentionally revealed to me. In the end though, I admire how the extraordinary kid in Charlie courageously decided to accept life as it is and face the future with optimism.

If I would rate the book, I’ll give it 4 out of 5 stars. I love the way it was presented and the supposedly unpredictable ending. I believe that if my cousin was more careful with her words, I would have given it the same excellent rating.