Some weeks ago, I was reunited with my paternal family. One of my cousins welcomed the entire family to their new home. They had their home blessed by a priest and after the ceremonies, expect our favorite activity.

The feast of the gluttons
Our family's version of Pichi Pichi
Pichi Pichi is a dessert made of pinipig (roasted, pounded green young rice) that is coated with coconut gratings.

Kids in our family call this as the White Spaghetti.

Pork in pickes and vegetables + Lapu lapu (Grouper) in sweet and sour sauce

The grilled chicken was a hit.

No lines and disciplines imposed when the pang of hunger attacks

Don't talk when your mouth is full 

Meet Kieffer! The youngest member of the family :)

Still incomplete but this is as always, a rare family photo