First beautiful Sunday post for March! As I'm typing this post, I'm still reminiscing the first month of the year. Where did time go? Before the year started, I was contemplating about so many things. Grown up problems, finances, career, and look how fast time flies. It's the third month of the year and I'm still alive. LOL Despite the never ending concerns, I'm still here and fighting. Hooray! haha

The past week has just been.... fine. I managed to score a quick freelance job and client was generous enough to pay me in US dollars. It was the first time someone paid me in $$$! It will be very useful for my upcoming trip. I'm still cooking another freelance work and I'm praying that it will really push through.

In the mean time that I'm still waiting and occupied with growing worries and concerns, here are some things that made my week

  Thank you dear students!

And speaking of great students, I had a rare good laugh with one of them last Friday. Thanks T! It's been a while since I laughed that hard for the longest time. One thing I learned about our silly conversation...

 And as always,

My greatest addiction! But seriously, I was having second thoughts about this pair. Haha What in the world convinced me to buy an orange shoes? Will break in this pair on my next travel adventure.... hopefully :)