And no, this is not a sponsored post. How I wish it was. LOL
A few nights ago, Samsonite surprised me with an unexpected tweet. They didn’t give me a free luggage. (Oh, that would have been the best! Haha) They simply took time to recognize my melancholy but hopeful sentiments. Let me relate the entire story behind the surprising tweet. 

My usual day ends by checking my Facebook and Twitter accounts. I bring my iPad in bed and before going to sleep, I made an emotional tweet. So how and why did I suddenly become emotional and sentimental over a piece of luggage?
In a few more weeks, I’m bound to make my next travel adventure. Despite planning way ahead of time, I still have issues and problems to settle. This has been plaguing me over the past days. I’m already considering cancelling my trip but deep inside, I know that retreating will never be an option. Never!

One of the sources of my problems is the search for the great luggage that will serve as my reliable companion. In the past, I'm shy to admit that I always borrow my friend's luggage. My past trips abroad always meant relying on Anne's luggage and kindness. I wanted to acquire my own luggage but as much as possible, I don't want to purchase anything except for my dream Samsonite Cosmolite series. I particularly wanted the Cosmolite in red. 

A little information about Samsonite's Cosmolite is its very light weight at 2.2 kgs. Wow! The scratch free feature and elegant shell like structure won my heart. The fact that it's also Samsonite, I know that the brand carries quality. 

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You might be wondering, why did I end up coveting one of Samsonite's Cosmolite collections. Everything was influenced by my addiction to the Korean drama series, My Princess.
For those who are reading my blog for quite some time, you might remember my post about my addiction to My Princess.
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In the entire stretch of the episodes, this  red  Samsonite luggage made significant appearances.
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The luggage is undoubtedly, beautiful, and since it carries the name of Samsonite, it’s a valuable and worth a lifetime purchase. Truth is, the luggage served as the bridge between Liesl and Mr.P. So the shallow, cheesy and hopeless-romantic-igniting drama series made me dream of owning Samsonite’s masterpiece. However, we all know that every Samsonite comes in a little hefty price. So up to this day, everything remains as a dream to fulfill. At some point, I almost thought that I was Liesl. LOL We both want to own the red Samsonite but our main difference, she has Mr. P! While me? Oh, let's talk about it in another post. Haha

So there, now you know that entire reason why I love Samsonite's Cosmolite. I was dreaming of my own travel adventure and in a way, my own Mr. P. too. haha

Dear Samsonite,

Thank you recognizing my emotional outpour. Thank you for treating me like a valuable existing customer. I will work harder to purchase my own Red Cosmolite. Aside from serving as a reliable partner, my future Red Cosmolite will serve as a companion and instrument to my succeeding travel adventures. 

And oh please, like Liesl, please wait for me and my own Mr. P. ;)