Hello everyone!

This is another scheduled post. I know, I'm cheating ;)

By the time you are reading this, I hope that I'm enjoying my second day in another land. This is the fourth country in my list. Hopefully, I'll add more as I age.

Despite my online absence, I'm keeping my Beautiful Sunday series. Here are some of the few things that made my week.

I handled six groups of research writing college kids this semester. Two of them were nominated for the best paper award. Hooray! The humble adviser is so proud. Too bad because the awards night was scheduled yesterday, just in time for my flight. Win or loose, I'm always proud of my college kids.

It's official, teaching is finally over. I have submitted my students' grades. Though I still have office work, I will be given a teaching break for two months. I hope I can maximize my two months to fulfill my backlogs.

I'm addicted to another Korean drama series.
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Dear Kim Tae Hee,

You always make me feel that God is so unfair.
Why are you so beautiful? :)
In like manner that you are always lucky to be paired with the hottest Korean men ever. LOL

Will blog about this as soon as I finish all the episodes

I'm cooking another potential freelance client. Fortunately or unfortunately? I have freelance works that remain as potential projects. If only one of them will push through over the summer break, I would be the happiest.  

Leaving you with my favorite things today.
Breaking in my new shoes, bag and luggage :)