I'm back! :) All the anticipation and preparations were over because I'm back after exploring Asia's Fine City. The fourth country in my list is Singapore! I have tons of stories to tell but let me postpone that first. ;) Before I relate my travel adventure, I want to blog my recent addiction.

I mentioned in my Beautiful Sunday series that this is my recent addiction. Just to prove to everyone how I got addicted over this drama series, I didn't sleep to finish half of its 20 episodes. It was my first attempt to become awake for 24 hours. I wasn't contented with my 24-hour sacrifice because I even took a vacation leave to finish the series. (Hopefully, my boss will not be able to read this. Haha!) To my defense, I have an overflowing vacation leave credits that need to be consumed before May. Otherwise, everything will be forfeited. It might be different in other countries but in the Philippines or at least with my employer, we are forced to consume our leave credits.

Back to the real reason why I made this post, Iris featured my ultimate girl crush and favorite Korean actress, Kim Tae Hee. She's the main reason why I decided to watch Iris and I don't ever regret it. The story also awakened my romantic cheesy hormones. Hence, this explains this post.

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Why so pretty?

Her love interest is another hot Korean actor who adds up to my list of crushes

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Iris relates the story of bestfriends, Kim Hyun-Jun and Jin Sa Woo who fell in love with the same woman, Choi-Seung Hee (Kim Tae Hee).
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Both have different encounters with Choi-Seung Hee. Only to later discover that their meetings with Choi-Seung Hee were planned by a secret organization in South Korea called, National Security Service (NSS). Much of the story evolved on the missions and mysterious conspiracies in NSS. Even the love story of Choi-Seung Hee and Kim Hyun-Jun was intertwined with their hidden and conflicting background.

In a way, Iris' story line resembles America's Alias or 24. It carries the same level of suspense and the very unpredictable story. I believe this is the main reason why I got hooked over the episodes. You might be wondering, why was the series entitled Iris? You will only find out in the middle of the 20 episodes. So go forth and watch it now na!

While I love the entire story, I didn't like the ending. But don't get bothered by my biased opinion. It wasn't really bad. The ending was valid and excellent. It was perfectly executed and can be justified by the story. However, the hopeless romantic person in me just don't like it when things don't turn out the way I wanted it. Haha So no worries about a possible stupid and useless ending. 

Iris was aired in Korea several years ago, even before another favorite, My Princess came in. Upon google research, I discovered that it has an ongoing sequel. I wanted to watch Iris 2 to discover the unsettled issues and outcomes with its first installment. Unfortunately, to my biggest surprise, the second installment featured a new set of characters. Fail! I was hoping for continuity and a probably, an angle of revenge for the ending that didn't compensate my hopeless romantic needs. Haha

If you love suspense and action films, I strongly recommend Iris. I guess that among the Korean drama series I've encountered, this forms the few that can be appreciated by the male populace.

Up next is my Singapore adventure series! :)