Obviously, I'm enjoying writing about Mutual Funds. This is despite the fact that none of my blog friends are interested in this serious topic. LOL However, I rarely experience the inclination to write anything about financial management. Why? I'm convinced that it's because the topic is too serious and boring. If I would return to my carefree 20s, I'm sure that this topic wouldn't interest me as well.   

I'm ashamed to admit that I'm not financially equipped and disciplined in the first place. In short, I'm not rich. LOL  I'm managing my debts, rebuilding my savings account and  my monthly salary does not complement my spending habits. However, I would like to believe that Mutual Funds will serve as the first step in my much desired and prayed financial independence. So please wish me luck friends :) I hope to overcome all my financial worries within the next three years.

 After discussing


I will answer the second and last questions

Where companies to invest?

I would like to clarify that I'm not promoting a specific company for Mutual Funds. I believe that each company has its own strengths, premium and special offers. Some may provide higher earning rates, while others have conservative rates with added features to compensate. I'm leaving you the task of comparing and contrasting. What I will present here are local companies and brief information about their Mutual Fund offerings.

Sun Life Asset Management Company (SLAMC)

This is where I made my first Mutual Fund investment. I decided to venture in Sun Life because of its long history of existence, positive reputation, strength and stability. It was founded in 1865 and from Canada and it ventured across economies. I also appreciate its conservative earning rates. For some reason, I feel complacent that the company doesn't offer those too-good-to-be-true interest rates.

The only thing you might not like about Sun Life is their requirement of meeting a Financial Agent ;) I think the company requires that all clients will receive a personal orientation of what to expect about Mutual Funds.  To know more about Sun Life's Mutual Funds please click here. By the way, Sun Life calls their Mutual Fund Investment as Prosperity Funds. I guess this has something to do with the branding and distinction.

Philam Asset Management Inc. (PAMI)

Philamlife was bombarded with worried plan holders (including myself) when its mother company, US' AIG suffered liquidity crisis in 2008. I'm not aware of AIG's status as of date. However, I believe that the local company is way spared from mismanagement and recession. The Philippine economy may not be as rich with that of Singapore, Japan, China and South Korea. However, what sets forth the Philippine economy is the rather conservative but stable growth.

PAMI offers eight types of Mutual Funds. You can find more about their Mutual Funds here.

BPI (Bank of the Philippines Islands) Investment Fund

One of leading universal banks in the Philippines offer Mutual Fund investment opportunities too. You can learn more about their investments here. What I appreciate about BPI's mutual fund investment is you can apply online. If  you have a BPI savings account enrolled online, you can use your account to conveniently submit an application. No need to meet up with Financial Agents! Just a note to remember, please read their terms and agreement carefully.

BDO Unit Investment Trust Funds

This is BDO's version of Mutual Funds. BDO offers several types of investment opportunities. You can learn more about their investment opportunities here. One thing I admire about BDO, the stability and growth of their company.  Just look at how BDO branches are invading the country. However, one disadvantage I see about BDO's investment opportunities is the relatively higher minimum investment requirement. Depending on the type of investment you will choose, the lowest I checked was Php 10,000.

First Metro Asset Management Incorporated (FAMI)

Here's a company that limits its function to Mutual Funds. FAMI is a member of the Metrobank group of companies. I guess this provides plus points because Metrobank is one of the largest local banks. One distinct characteristic of the company, I was surprised to discover that it is partly owned by a group of schools. In particular, its ownership is divided to 70% from FAMI, 15% from Catholic Education Association of the Philippines (CEAP) and the 15% from Marist Brothers Foundation. What I appreciate about this company is the ease of application for their mutual funds. An interested investor can simply download and accomplish the form, fax or submit application form, deposit your initial investment and submit the deposit slips. Everything could even be submitted through email.  For those who cannot accommodate meeting with a Financial Agent, I guess FAMI can work for you. To know more about FAMI and their mutual funds, click here.

I have presented five possible companies where you can place your investment. I'm sure there are more stable and reliable companies existing in the Philippines. In the future, I might write about them. But before that, I guess I have to manage my own finances and investment too. If everything turns out well, expect me to write and share everything here.