Remember this unique black soap? 

I blogged about it last month here.

After several weeks of using it, I'm fulfilling my promise of writing a review. But please, don't get the idea of me becoming as a beauty blogger. LOL I'm way far from becoming one.

I purchased my first black pearl soap last February 15 from Watsons. You know what happened to me over the past weeks to months. I'm occupying myself with concerns that don't really happen in the first place. LOL Hence, one of the casualties of my self-imposed unnecessary stress is my skin. I'm nearing that age when either-I-make-it-or-break-it in every aspect of my life. I panicked and as expected, I stressed myself. I can handle stress but not early signs of aging.  Hence, Watsons has become my happy place lately.

In one of my Friday night trips to Watson, I saw a row of organic soaps. I was attracted by its black packaging and its claim to be organic. I decided try the smallest piece. I started using the soap weeks ago and realized that my first black soap will soon be gone. I took this as a cue to make my first beauty post ;)

Prior to writing this review, I googled reviews from other bloggers. Most of the articles I read gave great reviews. A few complained but there were more positive reviews. Amidst the many bloggers who complained and praised the product, here's my own take.

Positive Points

1. I find the small soap affordable at Php 65-70. I can't remember the exact price. They have a larger size at Php 150 (if I'm not mistaken).
2. Despite the small size, it lasted almost a month to me. I used it every morning and before I sleep.
3. It lessened the nasty white heads.
4. Of the several weeks of using it, I never had pimple eruptions. I was convinced that it prevented the occurrence of pimples because I'm depriving myself of sleep over the past weeks.
5. It has a unique cooling effect. For me, this is one of the product's strength. Some facial soaps and facial wash would give me a mild burning sensation on some areas of my face (the side of my nose where most black and white heads usually thrive). This painful sensation was replaced by the soap's unique cooling effect.
6. My skin does not feel dry, tight and flaky after using it. My problem with the usual facial wash is the strong after effects. My oily skin often ends up clean but too dry with some facial wash. I have to immediately lather moisturizer otherwise, my face would end up flaking. This soap however addressed my recurring problems with most facial wash.
7. It doesn't have any strong scent. For some reason, I appreciate odorless soaps especially for my face.

Negative Points

1. I didn't give me whiter or even lighter complexion. hahaha
2. It stains other soap and the soap dish.
3. It didn't vanish those nasty black heads. It only addresses the whiteheads.
4. Although it's a minor issue, I don't like the cheap inside packaging. The soap was enclosed in a plastic wrap with a strip of scotch tape.
5. It has limited distribution channels. It is only available in Watsons and Hortaleza beauty shops.
6. I haven't seen an expiry date, which is critical among all natural or organically produced beauty products. (UPDATE: My recent purchase already included an expiry date). The box does not mention it's organic but the company website identifies it as part of its organic line. You can learn more about the company that produces the soap here.

Will I repurchase the product? 

Yes. I love its cleansing capacity, cooling effect, absence of harsh after effects and the affordable price.