I hope so... 

To be honest, I don't know what to write for today's Beautiful Sunday. I'm so occupied. Up to this date, I'm praying for something to happen. If my wish will not be granted, I will be sad. But if God has better plans, let it be. I'll be patiently waiting and hoping.

The past week was just ... fine? I would like to believe that it was. There were the usual unpleasant surprises but let me focus on the better things. As I type this post, I'm trying my best to recall the blessings and a few good things that happened.

I had an initial meeting with a "possible" freelance client. Unlike my previous clients, there's still a lot to settle with the project's details. I'm praying that client will be able to resolve the definite objectives of the project. I wanted her to finish her early because that would mean earlier earnings for me as well. Haha But seriously, who doesn't want accomplished works in the soonest possible time.
 Emote! Emote! Dear client, I hope we could lessen the waiting period.

I found a new mild cologne that addresses my allergy. Heavy perfume is not for me because I always end up suffering from headaches whenever I wear them. I first saw this cologne from a friend at the workplace. I love it's mild baby powder scent.
Milk Plus Shower Cologne from The Face Shop

Best of all, it's reasonably priced at Php 499 at The Faces Shop. 

Teaching would soon soon soon be over. The upcoming week is the final examination. I'm hoping that while I'm struggling to write this post, they are also making all means to study and pass my subject ;)

Meantime, I'm fattening myself with this box of sweetness as I'm typing this post
Dunkin Donuts' Munchkins

I have new shoes! Haha This is my third pair from Anthology.
Anthology Shoes - Sydney II in Chamoisee

New books on the nook!

I'm not into non-fiction but for a change, allow me to try them. Anyone who have read any of these books? I appreciate both positive and negative feedback. 

I'm off to treat my Nanay to a mall date :) 

Happy Sunday to everyone!