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I mentioned in one of my Beautiful Sunday series that I've been hooked to this Korean drama series. It was shown locally but I wasn't able to catch up since it's aired during my working hours. I watched it in DVD as soon as I arrive home from work. After so many nights, I'm finally done with the 20 episodes.

Rooftop Prince relates a story of reincarnation. Prince Lee Gak ,who lives 300 years ago, was desperate to trace the person who took away the life of his wife, Crown Princess Hong Hwa-yong. In his quest to find the truth, he was transported to the current time period. Prince Lee Gak and his side kicks landed in the attic or rooftop of Park Ha. This started the adventures of Lee Gak who will eventually fall in love with Park Ha. As for the angle of reincarnation, Prince Lee Gak will later discover that he was reincarnated as Yong Tae-yong, an heir of a wealthy family but is currently in the state of coma. In the course of the drama series, Lee Gak will discover more people who were reincarnated.This is will eventually made him discover the real cause of the Crown Princess' death.

As expected, I was thrilled over the love story of the two generations, Prince Lee Gak with Bun Yong and Yong Tae-yong with Park Ha. The cheesy concept about love that it will come in the most unexpected time greatly appealed me. You don't find your destiny, it will find you in the perfect time. There's someone out there who is patiently waiting and willing to sacrifice all things for you. I told you, this is another dose of cheese. Haha

More than my shallow and cheesy romantic hormones, I also appreciate the strong family ties that is often emphasized in most Korean drama series. I guess like Filipinos, Koreans are so attached to their families. The lead female character, Park Ha was an adopted daughter. I appreciate those few dialogues of Park Ha and her adoptive mother.
They never had those powerful and compelling mother-daughter conversation. However, the scene where Park Ha and her adoptive mother has to part ways after an unlikely mother-daughter drinking session almost made me cry.

But what I love best about the series is the most awaited ending
Kilig! haha

Aside from the story, here are some weird observations I made from the drama series.

Bu Yong / Park Ha looks like a younger version of Isabel Rivas
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 Prince Lee Gak / Yong Tae-yong is the prim and proper version of  Chito Miranda
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Despite being the irritating villain, Hong Sena's stylist did a great job in the entire series
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Truth is, the villain defeated the protagonist in this department :)