Today is the last Sunday of April. As always, time flies so fast again. I remember welcoming 2013, I was begging for March to come and lately, I was looking forward to my teaching break. Two more days, it will be the month of May already. Soon, the summer teaching break is over.

While I'm still savoring my lighter working days, let me relate the things I'm loving now

I have apprehensions posting this. 
Whenever I wear my lone pair of running shoes and jogging pants, it only means that I'm back to the only fitness activity I can manage.

I have apprehensions mentioning this because the last time I declared that I was jogging again, I stopped the activity the week after. Blame everything on my lame laziness. I don't want to get up early and all I wanted is to sleep.  However, my trip to Palawan slapped me with additional lines in the weighing scale. I felt pathetically dark and fat. :( I pressured myself so I took advantage of my three consecutive rest days. It worked because I lost three lines in the scale. This weekend however, I'm challenged to make things happen again.

Not so dearest weight,

Can you switch places with money? Why can't you be hard to gain and easy to lose?

While I keep talking about weight again, here are some things that my heavy belly surely enjoyed. And I know, this is contrary to my objective of shedding off some lines in the weighing scale Haha

Houseblend Iced Tea and Mocha Mousse

I discovered this product at the workplace. Since our school offers courses in Hotel and Restaurant management, we maintain a cafe that offers these treats. I think my Boss should give me more assignments so that I could avoid these temptations.

Fastfood favorites
A long day at work is best ended with one of my comfort foods. 
California Maki from Karate Kid and this new discovery
Photo from Karate Kid's Facebook Account
I tried a unique Halo Halo

For the benefit of my non-Filipino blog friends,
Halo Halo is a famous Filipino dessert that combines evaporated milk, shaved ice, and local Filipino delicacies such as sweet beans, gulaman (jellies), nata de coco, slices of langka (jackfruit), roasted rice puffs, leche flan (creme caramel) and topped with ice cream. 

I may not be the biggest fan of Halo Halo but I super love Mochi Balls. Hence, I decided to give it a try.
My verdict? 

I felt I was deceived. :( The Halo Halo was fine except for the Mochi Balls. As far as I know, Mochi balls should be made from ice cream enclosed in a dough of glutinous rice. The Mochi Balls are simply rolls of glutinous rice. It doesn't have the ice cream filling I'm expecting. But just to cool off the summer heat, Karate Kid's innovated Halo Halo can surpass.

I indulged myself in my favorite hobby this week, shopping!!!

My current reads
 I'm trying non-fiction this time. Anyone who made reviews for the two books?

For the longest time, I've been nagged by my friends to purchase an external hard drive. I find it so expensive at Php 2,000 (around $50). But my need for additional disk space is becoming a pressing need. My netbook is showing signs of degradation and soon, I have to back up my files. Though I can save everything to CDs and DVDs, it will be inconvenient and time consuming. So there, after so many months, my files are safe and ready to be transported anytime. I'm only waiting for freelance works and earnings for a new netbook. Hehe

Another major purchase this week is the turbo fan to beat the summer heat. My decades old electric fan finally gave up. haha This sleek air cooler perfectly fits my small space.

While everyone here is loving bath time this summer, someone ironically hates it
 Why is Zeus so upset? ;)

Happy Sunday everyone!