It's so summer here in the Philippines. Unfortunately, this is not my favorite time of the year. Some of you may hate me for not liking summer. But for someone who has been living in a tropical country the entire year, please understand. ;)I hate it when the weather causes me to perspire a lot especially on the way to work. Sunburn, oily skin and sometimes, I suffer minor headaches because of the intense heat.  If I have been born in another continent, I would perhaps be more appreciative of summer.

Though I don't totally like summer, there is one thing I love about this season. It's the overwhelming fruits and food around. Let me share some of the "summer food" I enjoyed over the past days.

This may not look pleasing to everyone. Blame the poor photo. :( I forgot the name of the dish but this is a regular favorite of my family. It's made of crabs, vegetables (squash, string beans) and coconut milk. I like this better if it's served spicy.

Another nameless but delicious dish here. A homemade dish made of chicken skin, squid, oyster sauce and a few vegetables.

Watermelon slices! This is always in season in my country during summer. 

Watermelon shake, my forever favorite!

 My favorite goodies from Antipolo.

Suman and cashew nuts after a pilgrimage from the Our Lady of Good Voyage Cathedral. For the benefit of my foreign blog friends, suman is a local delicacy made of glutinous rice, coconut milk and sugar, wrapped in fresh banana leaves.

This is not a summer food but this is one of my discoveries from my Singapore trip.
 Ferrero Dark Chocolates!

My friends and I call Ferrero as the lover's chocolates. At least in the Philippines, Ferrero chocolates in heart shaped cases are common gifts from pursuing suitors. Haha This brand is a bit pricey in the Philippines. When I went to Singapore, I was surprised with the relatively lower prices. This is not the Ferrero I prefer and I don't really like dark chocolates. However, I still decided to give it a try. My verdict, 5 out of 5 stars!

I may not like summer but if meant having overflowing delicious food, I guess I have one reason to love or at least appreciate this perspiring season. ;)