It's 2:02 am. I'm so awake while typing this post. I should be sleeping by now especially after I received an order that I need "modification of lifestyle." Powerful words but not compelling enough to make me consider diet and exercise. Haha I still prefer my lazy weekends.

I just finished watching Pitch Perfect. My cousin highly recommended it. Though from the start, I have doubts about the movie. You see, I have this weird preference over movies. There are instances when everyone was so happy after watching the film. Afterwards, I will spoil everyone's happiness and blurt out, "heck, everything was so overrated."

To all fans of Pitch Perfect, I'm sorry if I will express my dissatisfaction. It has a great story and casting but as I always mention, it wasn't for me.

Though I was disappointed with Pitch Perfect, I forced myself to finish the entire movie. It wasn't exactly the most memorable but I appreciate the last few lines

Told you. Endings are the best part.

 Enough said... I'm affected