A week after my four-day vacay from Coron, I'm back to my city life.Working eight hours a day, traveling the train with my iPod nano, reading my monthly fiction and attempted to get some hours of jogging .. to which I still fail. I stood on the weighing scale and I just dread the after seeing the additional lines. It can't be :( I'm now paying for the CARBS of the huge CRABS I ate from Palawan.

The past week went fine. But honestly, some minor things are bothering me. One is the surprise allergies I noticed after the trip. In one of our island hopping adventures, I remember feeling minor stings on my legs. I disregarded it because it didn't cause me any pain or itching. The morning after my return trip, I noticed that a significant part of my legs are covered with rashes. I went to work wearing jeans and as expected, it didn't contribute anything good. Some areas developed small wounds :( My only consolation is that the rashes don't cause any burning sensation.

Aside from the rashes, I don't feel going out because of the extreme sunburn on my face. I'm so dark and red and I hate it!!! So the other night, I went to the nearest drugstore for these

I've been using Garnier's Lightening mask months ago because it can really remove those nasty white and black heads. I didn't lighten my skin but it gives that very smooth feel after application. Because I'm desperate to remove my sun burned skin, I'm using it more often. Hopefully it will help. In the future, I might do a review for Garnier's Lightening mask. (Alright, I'm feeling like a beauty blogger haha)

I'm trying to complement Garnier with Olay Natural White Fairness Cream. This one comes in an affordable price of Php 149. Not bad, right? A pea sized amount can already cover a great area in my huge face. Although since it's a cream, expect a slight greasy feel a few minutes after the application. Seriously, I sound like I wanted to review the product. Let's see after I finish the entire tube.

So much about my post-vacation problems, my dear friend Anne invited me for dinner last Friday. She came in so timely because I needed to divert my attention. Good thing it was a Friday night, my red and dark face is less visible. LOL We went to one of our favorites, Cafe Lidia and had our belly heavy dinner.

 Yummy and spicy buffalo wings!

 I had Pasta Marinara

Anne had Lasagna

and what's a great meal without this

How could I almost forget this
A tower slice of Sans Rival 

Cafe Lidia is just the best! Our entire bill was less than Php 700. I first blogged about Cafe Lidia here. To my local blog friends who are interested with Cafe Lidia, send me an email and I'll be so happy to accommodate you. :)

Happy Sunday!