I now officially consider Palawan as one of the best places I've been. If given the chance to repeat the entire experience, I'll definitely say yes even with the threats of allergies. Palawan is just so beautiful to be missed out.

As mentioned in my previous post, Palawan is comprised of different beautiful islands. So obviously, the best activity in Palawan is island hopping! My second day in Palawan was literally spent in the sea and a few islands. Here are some pictures that showcase my entire island hopping experience.

Ship Wreck's Site

Aside from the clear blue water and rock formations, you can see a huge ship that has been submerged before WWII in Palawan. We were told that it was a Japanese war ship that ended up sinking in this site. Over time, corals thrived in the ship and made it as a permanent part of the sea. I tried snorkeling in this area and saw a fraction of the wrecked ship. It was quite scary. The ship looked like a blackhole that will eat me up anytime :) 

A piece of reminder though, it is within this area that I felt something stinging on my legs. Just be observant and ask your guide to which area is best to swim and snorkel. 

Our main destination is the Kayangan Lake. We were transported by Kubo sa Dagat's reliable motorboat. This was what welcomed us to Kayangan Lake.

 Who could not appreciate this piece of beauty on earth?

I love the experience when our boat have to cross between each rock formation..

Off we dock!

After some walking and hiking, I was treated with this spectacular view of Coron

An entire stay in Coron Palawan will never be complete without an aerial shot of the Kayangan Lake. By all means, ensure that you have a photo in this site if you have intentions of visiting Palawan.

However, you have to exert some minor climbing to reach this area. So before the trip, be sure that your legs are prepared and well exercised.

After hiking this picture perfect angle, we hiked again for our swim

Please don't ever miss this place in case you will be visiting Palawan. The water is crystal clear and as you look above, you will be mesmerized by the towering rock formations. The water's temperature is perfect and the area is free from the frightening waves of the sea. Even though you don't know how to swim, the area is safe and protected. Just don't forget to wear your lifevest. :) 

A little warning though, some parts have rock formations that might scratch or bump your legs. They are usually found in the shallow areas together with some underwater plants, which I believed caused my minor allergies. 

Amidst the towering rock formations, I saw a cave as we hike the swimming area. I didn't bother to get inside but even the rock formations inside reflect the magnificent works of nature.

After our short swim at the Kayangan Lake, we headed back to our motorboat for lunch. Our tour guide brought us to the Banol Beach.

On the way for lunch, I was really mesmerized by the crystal clear waters of Palawan.

There's no way you can experience this in the city.

You can see the surface of the water.

Here's another proof of how crystal clear is the water of Palawan 

 Priceless! I really hope that this gets preserved and protected. 

We had our lunch in this small kubo (nipa hut).

No one wanted to leave this haven that we discovered. Everyone was enjoying swimming, kayaking and some just took advantage enjoying the view. All good things must come to an end so we left the place with a heavy heart. :) Our tourist guide later brought us to another piece of heaven on earth

This is Palawan's Twin Lagoon!

The perfect rock formation is the first thing that will amaze anyone. However, the real thrill of the Twin Lagoon is a hollow area, where you can swim beneath the towering rock formations. If you have surpassed the lagoon, you will end up seeing the opposite side of this rock formation. The water in the opposite side is said to have a cooler temperature that is very ideal for a summer swim. 

Unfortunately, we failed to try the challenge of swimming inside the lagoon. We came in late and the area was already exhibiting high tide. As an alternative though, you can use the improvised wooden ladder to reach the opposite side of the lagoon.You can see the real twin lagoon experience in this site.

After the Twin Lagoon, we went to Siete Pecados, the best snorkeling site in Palawan. Unfortunately, I failed to take pictures in this adventure. Why? For one, the area is all about water and no piece of island at all. All you can do is snorkel and I don't have an underwater camera to document the experience. We only stayed in the area for a few minutes. The water may not be crystal clear but the sight of the all the underwater creatures compensate. So far, Siete Pecados form my best snorkeling experience. It's just so bad that I don't have anything to prove it. :(

After a long day of island hopping, we want back to Kubo sa Dagat tired and hungry. I took my most awaited bath and slept early after my longest island hopping experience.

PS My Palawan experience is not yet over. I still have one post to go. :)