On our last day in Palawan, we were off to our last island hopping adventure. I told you, Palawan never runs out of islands to be experienced. 

We left Kubo sa Dagat early in the morning and docked off towards the main road. We traveled by land for more than an hour. It was almost a smooth sailing ride except for the humps and bumps along the road. There were roads waiting to be developed. I hope the local government of Palawan will do their share. Palawan is to beautiful to be tainted by poor infrastructures.

After a not-so-smooth land travel, we took the final boat to our destination.

According to our tourist guide, this docking site was built by the management of the high-end Club Paradise Resort. However, tourists and other local boatmen also benefited from this initiative. This became our entry point to our last island adventure.

I just have to say that I love this dock off point. I love the uneven wooden bridge, the small boats, the atmosphere of the refreshing water and the view of the greeneries.  It would have been nicer if I had my photo taken in this site. 

This is another part of the dock site. I believe that the white metal bar holds the rope of the docked boats. My weird imagination tells me that the metal bar could have been nicer if it became a fake mailbox or a bird's house. If I will build my own vacation house, I wanted my backyard to have the same scenery.

The journey to our last destination was already a treat.  

We were mesmerized by the Decalachao River (Mangrove River).

The trees in the background form the unending mangroves of the Decalachao River. If only my camera has excellent zooming capacity, you will really appreciate the abundance of mangroves.

Decalachao River in Coron
So this is how I define peace and tranquility
The entire trip became a showcase of what seems to be an infinity of mangroves.

According to some of my colleagues, the stretch of mangroves in this area is longer than Bohol's Loboc River. I haven't been to Bohol so I can't really tell. In the future, let's hope that I will be given the chance to see and compare with Bohol.

We landed to our last destination after a 30-minute boat ride. 

The sand here may not be perfectly white but it uniquely feels so fine, soft and smooth. It's like stepping on a thick icing of a cake. ;)

It still managed to have the perfect crystal clear water of Palawan.

Here's a clearer proof

I can perfectly see my feet.

 My imagination tells me that the huge rock formation here is a giant chocolate crinkles haha

I didn't swim this time because my face is already aching from all the sunburns.

This is life! 

We stayed in this area until lunch time. My colleagues wanted to stay longer and spent the entire afternoon swimming. Unfortunately, the area was flooded with small jellyfishes. We don't want to risk anything so we left the place so early. Most of us opted to kayak to avoid possible injuries from the jellyfishes.

If you are staying at Kubo sa Dagat, this island is automatically a part of their island hopping tour. Unlike the Banol Beach, this area provides a two-storey house equipped with electricity, water supply, shower room, toilet cubicles, dining area and bedrooms. So even though you don't have intentions of swimming, you can still enjoy the place.

Since I work for a Catholic institution, we were required to attend the regular Sunday mass. Our company President who happens to be a priest officiated a Holy Mass in this beautiful chapel.

Some bloggers identified this as the Malbato Church. Some mentioned that it's St. Vincent Ferrer Chapel. What I know for sure is that the Reyes Family, the same family who owns Kubo sa Dagat, built this chapel for the residents.

Before you reach this beautifully mosaiced chapel, you have to survive this path

The entire chapel was made from fragments of different  bricks. Here's a closer look of the chapel's intricate detailing


The chapel's altar is made of locally produced materials.

The intricate brick detailing is everywhere

And even the floor tiles

This ends my travel posts for Palawan adventures. :)

Despite the allergies, costs and all those tedious preparations, my Palawan experience was all worth it. If given the chance, I will surely come back in the near future.

Till my next travel adventure!