I'm having a hard time making this post. I don't know if its the internet connection or my netbook that has been causing my problems. Either way, both don't favor my need to update my week long sleeping blog.  I've been almost absent online because of work. I didn't go out of town. Workload has been fine. It's just that my boss tagged me to assist in a week long meeting. I've been deprived of internet connection at the workplace. By the time I get home, I'm already too tired to sit down and wait for my struggling netbook to boot up. Next week, my boss will be out of town (Hooray! hihi) so I can compensate myself with more time for blog hopping.

The past long days at work always end up in one of my happy places ... shopping malls! Truth is, I've been shopping a lot lately. My shopaholic hormones is overreacting again. As expected, another pair of flats, bag and some tops have been added in my shopaholic collections. Bad! Bad! Bad! How many times I have to tell myself that this should be the last splurge?

Aside from shopping, here are other "bad" but beautiful things that made my week

Finally! I had the chance to taste the much hyped J.Co doughnuts in Manila. Whenever I attempted to purchase a box, I was always welcomed by the long lines of customers. One of my friends was even asking that we took a leave from work to finally experience J.Co. I never gave in to my friend's demand. I felt that it was too much demanding. A vacation leave for a box of J.Co?  Not me. If it would mean a 70% off sale from Zara, Gap, Mango, Uniqlo or Cotton on, I will surely give in. Haha You all know me and my shopaholic hormones.

But how did I obtain my first box of J.Co? Another friend with a great heart must have heard my lazy sentiments. Haha Last Friday, dearest friend T surprised me with this box. I was exchanging text messages with her about my recurring sadness attacks and being the dutiful friend, I guess she made means to make me happy. So there! My first box of J.Co doughnuts experienced for free!

Since I'm loving writing reviews, I might write a review for J.Co's doughnuts on my next posts.

Oreo Cupcake

This one, I didn't get for free. This is an oreo cupcake I got from J Cupcakes at SM Megamall. I bought two pieces and I swear! I couldn't resist the oreo inspired icing.

Photo doesn't make justice. The cupcake tastes way better than its devastated look. I bought this from another all time favorite, Sophie's Mom. While I've always been addicted to their Red Velvet cupcakes, I failed to realize that I've been depriving myself of their mouth-watering Nutela Cupakes.

Another sweet treat from Sophie's Mom. Here's a unique rainbow cupcake that delighted the kid at heart in me.

Since I've been talking about food here, I might as well share the fatty indulgences we had
Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza
Someone in the family can't wait to have the photo taken ;) My family loves Pizza Hut, especially the delivery services. We are spared from the hassles of visiting the branch and we can avail of their delivery deals. We got a second pizza for a discounted price.
Supreme Pizza
Double the pizza, double the happiness! 

While my belly heavy is screaming happy, my conscience is telling me
Doubled pizza? Double the jogging hours! 
Ouch ;) 

Happy Sunday!