I was checking my blog archives and I discovered that I've been doing the Beautiful Sunday series for a year. Hooray! I didn't even miss a single post. It is very unlikely for me since I knew from the start that I'm not the best person to carry out a routine. It may not sound as a big deal but for me, it's a minor blogging accomplishment.

As I was browsing my Beautiful Sunday series, I was able to identify the topics I often consider in my post.  Most of things I write evolve on the 5 F's.

Family - Friends - Food - Flat Shoes - Fiction Finds

An updated version of this would include a K, Korean drama series. I've been spending a lot of sleepless nights because I have another supply of downloads again. More importantly, I discovered this application.

Drama Fever -
My own definition of heaven and happiness!
I'm spending my vacation leave credits every Fridays and obviously, you know how I waste each day to fulfill my hopeless romantic needs. At some point, I would like to believe that watching these series is not doing anything good for me. Aside from disrupting my sleeping hours, I've been spending more hours in bed. Not good for my anti-overweight project and in a way, I've been shunning away myself from everyone.

I'd like to confess something. I'm being attacked again by my recurring sadness or what my friends call as quarter life crisis. Hence, I really don't know what beautiful can I blog about. I even have a feeling that I will end up writing a very lousy post. In my effort to exhaust something beautiful that happened to me, this was one of the rare reasons that made me smile for a while.

I really hope the kids were honest with their words. Though the kids have no way to reach this blog and we are discouraged to discuss our evaluation results, I'd like to thank those who took time to give me these fulfilling words. I'm sorry if I appear bragging or what we Filipinos call as lifting our own chair. My intention is simply to remind myself that at the very least, I'm know that I'm doing something good in my life.

Last Friday, I felt a bit frustrated because a friend promised to meet up and tour me to the huge Fully Booked branch at BGC. I love bookstores but home and work are quite far from this happy place. Unfortunately, friend has no intention of informing me that she's backing out. We also had plans of trying out Sonja's Cupcakes. I thought everything will push through especially when she was insisting that we meet up once a month.  I was upset because it appeared to me that she doesn't have intentions of telling me. Whatever her reasons are, I respect it.

So to console myself, I treated myself to these take out goodies from Cafe Lidia.

Pasta Marinara from Cafe Lidia

(evil) Sans Rival
Did I just say that I want to remain loyal with my anti-overweight project? ;) But I guess, I found a better excuse. It's not too bad to celebrate my year of loyalty to the Beautiful Sunday series.

Happy Sunday!