First things first, this is not a sponsored post. (How I wish!) Second, I'm not turning to a beauty blogger. ;) I guess I'm just enjoying the idea of writing and sharing beauty products that I found effective.

My first attempt of reviewing a beauty product came from Cyleina's Black Pearl Soap. I decided to consider doing product reviews once in a while because most of my readers are female, my last post got a few good comments and I believe that it's not bad to share my effective discoveries.

The product that made it to this post is Garnier's Lightening Mask

I discovered this product from the racks of Watsons. I was initially looking for a nose pack that can remove those nasty black and white heads. This Garnier product was prevalent among the displays. It attracted me of its claimed peeling capacity. As a member of the female populace who doesn't go to facial centers, using over-the-counter facial masks become an alternative.

I'm using the product for five months and here's what I have to say.

Positive Points
1. It's cheap! It costs only Php 45 to 50.
2. You can get your money's worth since the product can last to four applications. Although the packaging states that you can use it in 2 doses, I can actually extend the use to 4. The package contains 2 sachets, which can be used twice as in the case of my humongous face. ;)
3. It can be purchased anywhere. It's available in Watsons, Mercury Drugstore and some large supermarkets.
4. This lemon variant is easy to apply, it doesn't easily harden. More importantly, it doesn't cause stains to your clothing.
5. It can serve the same function as with the nose packs and black and white heads peeling sheets. It can remove white heads but not black heads though.
6. Skin feels instantly cleaner and smoother after the application. It exceeds the cleansing capability of the facial wash.
7. It doesn't have a strong scent.
8. It's easy to apply and remove from its sticky liquid form. Here's how it actually peels.
  How I wish that my skin would peel on its own. I'm still burdened with my sunburns from Palawan.

Negative Points
1. It doesn't really lighten the face. It simply cleanses the face. This I guess causes that smoothing effect.
2. It can't remove black heads.
3. You will need a moisturizer after application. There were instances that my skin feels smooth but dry after using it. The product works best with a great moisturizer.
4. The sachet cannot be sealed back after a single use. The liquid can harden or spill after a single use.
5. It's not organic. 

Would I recommend the product?
Yes. But please consider my negative points. This product can't replace an intensive facial treatment and this works best with your reliable moisturizer.