I was never the sporty type of girl. In like manner that I never wished to become well versed to any form of sport activity. I'm all contented with my longer sleeping hours and uninterrupted hours of movie marathon. Obviously not favoring my attempt to lose weight. I tried jogging but the regular afternoon rains have prevented me to pursue my anti-overweight project. I will not be surprised if I gained weight again after addicting myself with my favorite Friday night takeout.

My disinterest in sports changed last Thursday. Let the pictures relate and explain everything.

I went bowling for the first time! This tournament was sponsored by our company as part of the annual employees' sportsfest. I've been telling my friend A that I don't like to join the tournament.  The venue was far from home and I might not be able to catch the train's last trip. But since our team lacked the players, I was forced to play bowling for the first time.

Of the three sets we played, I ended up as the consistent worst scorer. Haha

To my defense, this is my first ever attempt. Not bad for a beginner?

We didn't win the tournament. But I was surprised of the fact that we didn't land as the worst team. Haha At least, my canal shots didn't bring a total shame to my team mates. Haha  Most of the time, I know that I pull down our team's scores. Good thing was that my team mates were not playing for the win. We were just having a good time.

Days after I played my first game, my friend suggested that we make bowling as our regular activity. I willingly said yes and planned to do this at least once a month. Hooray! I think I found a sport that will hopefully love me back too.