If you are reading the Philippine Daily Inquirer, you might be familiar with Young Blood. This is a weekly feature in their Editorial section that showcases personal essays of the younger populace. I've been reading Youngblood since my college years. It was my Humanities professor who introduced me to this section. As a subject requirement, he made us compile 20 essays with our own reflection. While most of my classmates felt burdened and troubled for compliance, I rather had a great time.  My appreciation for Young Blood continued till the day I started working. It has become my source of regular reads.

While I've been contented as an avid reader, the struggling and self-proclaimed writer in me is dreaming of making it in Young Blood. Getting published and becoming a part of this elite group of Young Blood writers became my silent dream. I mentioned this to my friend T and as expected, she was supportive of me. Anyway, I will not lose anything for attempting to try. The only problem I see here, as I told my friend T, I'm not writing and submitting anything for Young Blood. Haha 

Years later, I discovered that Young Blood compiles selected essays from their weekly publication. The compilation is showcased in a book. They made four books already which include the latest

I've been reading this for quite a while, usually before I get to sleep. This Sunday afternoon I skipped some pages and chose the essays whose title interests me.

Soon enough, I found articles that  brought me some signs and memories. I maybe misinterpreting or exaggerating things. One thing for sure, some words and passages are affecting me.

The title brought me to reflect and consider a lot of things. I guess it's the perfect theme I've been looking.  Surprisingly, I noticed that the essay was placed in print on my birthday. Coincidence?

Lifted from another essay, some details remind me of some past and present events in my life.

Lastly, my sentiments now related by a fellow teacher..

My thoughts and sentiments may be unclear for now. All I have are manifestations of stories and experiences I'm not ready to share. One thing for sure, years from now I will read this post again.

Hopefully, I'm a better and happier person by that time.

PS Before I expire my chance to get to Young Blood, I might submit my application before the year ends. :)