Sunday, June 2, 2013

Beautiful Sunday # 58 - The Happy Gluttons

Pardon the title but this is the only description that perfectly captures my entire family. We may not be in good terms all the time, but food gatherings is the lone thing that can forever unite us.

Last Sunday, one of my Aunties celebrated her birthday. One of my cousins sponsored the dinner and the pictures will relate everything.

We made another memorable reunion here. It lasted for a while but the happy pictures, additional weight and inches in our waist line are shouting evidences that we are the happy glutton family.

Wishing everyone a Beautiful Sunday!


  1. I hope you're having a beautiful Sunday, my dear! I do love the title of this post. *giggles* The food does look heavenly. Your photos have made me hungry for breakfast!

    Thanks for hosting!


  2. It looks like a perfect way to spend time with family. And what a beautiful cake! Happy Birthday to your sweet Auntie! Happy Sunday!

  3. diane nagutom ako looking at the pics ^^

  4. Hay nakita ko na naman si Estrels.. :(

  5. Always a YAY for family Sundays. Love it. The food looks delish, too, especially the cake and that pasta thing! What IS that? I don't know why but it reminds me of family gatherings. :)

    1. Hi Leah! It's our own version of carbonara. Kids at home call it white spaghetti

  6. What a gorgeous cake! What a fun family gathering :)

  7. Oh my goodness this looks like a delicious party! You must've enjoyed it! :D
    Yinyin xx


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