Yes, the title is correct. 

I started the work week by replenishing my everyday supply of snacks.

Since our students are not yet around, we have limited and expensive choices from the canteen. Over time I also discovered that I can save if I buy in bulk from large supermarkets. The only disadvantage of bringing in a lot of goodies, I have to beat the temptation of not consuming everything.

Unfortunately, my EQ got out of control today. Hence, my weekly supply almost ended up in one daily consumption.
 Gluttony, for the win! Haha

To my defense, I've been battling some challenges at the workplace. I mentioned in my previous post that I'm bound to teach Project Management for the first time. The subject is fine. It's just that I'm having a hard time reconciling my knowledge in practice vs. the structure of teaching the subject. 

The trend in the academe today is to tap industry practitioners to train the kids. It's a great idea but it's not so easy to implement. In my case, I'm bridging my knowledge from the battle field vs. academe's own body of knowledge. 

To reorient myself, I've been collecting a number of books lately. 

I wanted to map out the topics to be discussed and the output that the kids have to produce. So as much as I want to stick with these,

I'm forced to substitute and concentrate to this
 Boring! haha

At this point, you can now understand why I ruined the famous quote in my title