Most of my friends know me for my addiction to flat shoes. The excess income from my freelance works will surely be devoted for a pair of flats. I'm very particular with flat shoes because of all the members of the female populace, I'm the lone member who never learned to wear heels. Yes, I've been living a flat life since birth.

Aside from flats, another evidence of my shopaholic hormones is my growing collection of bags. I used to think that I only have a few pieces. Turns out, I found 20 bags in my cabinet when I did some decluttering last year. To my defense, I never owned any of those signature brands. My most cherished bags are from Lacoste, Girbaud, and Mango. But being a female shopaholic, I guess its natural for me to envy the LV collections of my blog friend, Zigrid (Hihi Hi friend!)  Though recently, my bag addiction leveled up when I discovered Longchamp's Le Pliage series.

I can't remember when did I discover the Le Pliage. If I'm not mistaken, I saw an embroidered or designed version of the Le Pliage from a lady boss at the workplace. The bag looks simple but I find it very elegant. I googled and was led to add another item in my unending shopaholic list. I even dropped by Rustan's to check our their prices. And Dear God! It was exaggeratedly expensive. Oh well, what do we find cheap in Rustan's in the first place? ;)

Upon further research, I learned that Le Pliage bags are sold cheaper in my neighboring Asian countries. When I went to Taiwan, I was tempted to buy from their Duty Free shops. But since it was my first trip abroad and I was all alone, I was afraid to splurge. Months after, I went to Hong Kong with my friends and there. I was able to fulfill one of my shopaholic dreams. I took home my first expensive bag.

Blue Le Pliage in long handle
I bought a medium long handle Le Pliage in blue. It has to be in my favorite color! Since then, I have abused this piece.

As compared to other expensive bags in the market, the Le Pliage series looks so simple. Some would say that it doesn't commensurate the price. Regardless of everyone's opinion, here are my own selfish and weird reasons why I love the Le Pliage.

1. It's lightweight. The Le Pliage is made of light nylon that is surprisingly sturdy. It gave me a break from my heavy leather bags.

2. It can survive the extreme weather conditions in my country. It's water proof so it's safe to bring it even during the rainy season. Since it's made of nylon, the material will not worn out or chap during the summer months.

3. It's surprisingly spacious. This medium Le Pliage can store my iPad, foldable umbrella, kikay kit, large wallet, mobile phone, coin purse, iPod nano and my monthly dose of hopeless romantic paperback.

4. It's stylish in my eyes. I find the Le Pliage fitted for every member of the female populace. It's elegantly simple, despite the fact that it's not the bag for formal ocassions. Since I rarely attend events and all those hotel gatherings, my Le Pliage fits my everyday lifestyle.

All the while I thought that I was already contented with my first Le Pliage. I failed to remember that I'm a full pledged shopaholic so one bag will never be enough. ;) I now have three Longchamp in my collection.

I bought my second piece from a trusted local reseller.

I decided to try the medium short handle in loud orange or Mandarin. This one is the cheapest since I bought it through a deal.

My recent piece was my gift to myself. I bought this from my trip to Singapore.

Black Metallic, still unused ;)
I moved away from the simple Le Pliage. I have to confess that this is my most expensive bag ... so far. Oh well, I just manifested that I have plans of purchasing a more expensive piece. hihi

If there will be more freelance works this year, I might acquire another Longchamp again. But if I will really be blessed this year, I wanted to try other brands. In particular, I'm eyeing another nylon bag. This time, I wanted something from Tory Burch.


or this


Me thinks making this post is a bad idea. Haha

I have to work harder to acquire them. But if someone will be generous enough to give me any of these, you will forever be blessed for making me the happiest. Haha