Tomorrow will be the last week of summer. Where did time go? Half of the year is finished and soon, it will be my favorite time of the year again. Haha When June steps in, another school year will start. Traffic is expected to intensify. Travel hours will lengthen. The train will get crowded again. All these signal that I'm back to reality. I'm back to my after-office job as a college instructor. More than these everyday hassles, I felt relieved because I'm assured of the teaching opportunity. This semester however is quite challenging because I was given new subjects to handle.

I'm trying my best to be a good teacher here. :) I wanted to get things planned ahead. In like manner that I'm always challenged for new opportunities.

I've been involved in Project Management for quite some time. But I know! There's a great difference between practice and teaching. Hopefully, I'll be able to infuse my limited experience to teaching. I have less than a month to prepare and six months to carry out my plans.

Work started this week with my boss returning from a trip abroad. Aside from being the most patient and understanding boss, he gives the greatest gifts.

How many male bosses would take time to give you something you really like? Aside from my cute loot, he treated me with my fave sandwich and frapuccino. Thank you Big Boss! I'm too blessed to be spoiled. :)

I have to consume my excess leave credits from work. So last Friday, I took advantage of the opportunity to meet my dear friend A. We watched our most awaited movie.

Five out of five stars! It was worth the wait. But as always, the ending meant another year to wait for the sequel.

After a great movie, A and I did our favorite past time.

Food and shopping! We went to our favorite Chicken BonChon and took advantage of a sale from Giordano. I've been wanting to purchase these numbered shirts from Giordano. They come in a little hefty price but during a mall wide sale, they went as much as 60% off.

Real treat for me is completed by these

I'm currently reading David Levithan's Every Day. This is the first time I'm reading David Levithan. Hopefully, I'll finish this next month. Train Man is authored by a fellow Asian and by the looks of the cover, yes it's another hopeless romantic read for me.

I've been mentioning that it's the last week of summer for us.

It only means that this will be the last week I'm wearing my own clothes. When June comes, I'll report for work with my old, boring and fattening office uniform. Perhaps, I should treat myself to a new pair of shoes.  Whatchatink? ;) Me thinks it's a bad idea haha

Wishing everyone a great Sunday ahead!