I love potato dishes. I love potato salad, baked potatoes, mashed potatoes, potato chips, and everyone's favorite, french fries. Never mind the fattening elements brought by the excessive oil. Oh well, I believe that's what make the french fries irresistible.

One of the french fries I love is NYFD. I discovered NYFD when I watched my first basketball game at the Araneta Coliseum. Since then, enjoying a bucket of NYFD fries and dips made me look forward to the rare times I watch a basketball game.

When I started working, NYFD even have a space at Gateway's food court and as expected, I became a contributor in their weekly sales quota. Haha Unfortunately, their food court outlet ceased operations. It saddened my screaming belly heavy. My dose of NYFD only happens whenever our school's basketball team makes it to the finals. (This reminds me, I'm hoping that we could make a return to the championship this season.)

Years after missing my NYFD fries, I discovered that they reopened at Rustan's Gateway Supermarket. This time however, they are squeezed to a small kiosk and their offerings are limited to fries. I wanted to take photos of their tiny kiosk but I was quite shy because of the bulk of customers. Hence, I ended up relieving my NYFD reunion with these

My most awaited NYFD tumbler of fries! More than the fries, I like their graphic design too.

The tumbler was overflowing with fries but yours truly can't wait for the photos to be taken. I grabbed a few sticks on the way home. 

Deprived happiness after so many years, haha

Aside from the rich huge sticks of french fries, NYFD provides selections of different dips. They have 10 flavors to choose from. I took home these

Perfect lethal combo of crisp fries and flavorful dips!

While I'm still contented with their french fries, I wanted to experience dining to any of their premiere branch. I wanted to see whether their sandwiches, pasta and other dishes can satisfy my always hungry belly. :)

To know more about NYFD, you can visit their page here.