Back in my early 20s, I was contented with my facial wash, face powder, eye shadow and a pat of pink blush-on. I was oriented that all females should undergo the ritual of cleansing, toning and moisturizing. Obviously, I only follow cleansing. Aside from the fact that compliance with these three steps meant additional expenditures, I was not the best person to carry out a routine.

Fast forward now, I'm beginning to notice how much I abused my skin. The sleepless nights when I was still finishing my masteral studies, late night movie and Korean drama series marathon, worries  from my office job and teaching, quarter life crisis and my everyday exposure from commuting in Manila, contributed to my skin's advanced aging.

When I crossed my mid 20s, my trips to Watsons became more frequent. I was always in search for beauty products that can delay skin ageing. This is when I started to comply with three key steps of skin care. Though admittedly, I have to say that I'm skipping toning. I can only go as much as cleansing and moisturizing.

I've been experimenting with different moisturizers lately. I used to be loyal with Celeteque's water based moisturizer, not until I discovered Human Nature's Moisturizing Night Cream. After my trip to Palawan, I was bothered with my worst sunburns and darkest skin. I searched for beauty creams that can lighten my skin. Good thing, Kaith blogged about her favorite moisturizers. I followed her recommendation. In effect, this post made it ;)

I've been using Myra Vitawhite Whitening Face Lotion for a month. Let me share my own review here.

Positive Points

1. It's cheap! You can purchase it for less than Php 100 (around $2).

2. The small tube goes a long way. I'm using the same tube for a month.

3. It can be used as a base for makeup. Surprisingly, I think the product prolongs the life of my foundation, blush and eye shadow.

4. It doesn't feel thick and heavy on the face.

5. It also doesn't make the face too white after application. It easily blends with any skin tone.

6. It dries fast as compared to other cream moisturizers.

7. It has sunscreen protection.

8. It really moisturizes the skin. After using my facial wash, I sometimes experience having dry and flaky skin. This usually happens when I lack sleep and after prolonged exposure with the office's AC. The instances when I have dry skin are being addressed by Myra Vitawhite.

Negative Points

1. It claims to whiten skin. It didn't really whiten my skin. It only helped in restoring my original skin tone.

2. It may not fit those with oily skin, which includes me. I have to ensure that my skin is completely dry and clean before I apply it. Otherwise, my oily skin would magnet all the dust and dirt around.

Overall, I would recommend Myra Vitawhite Whitening Face Lotion as your regular day cream. It's cheap but performs the real function of a moisturizer.

How about you? What cheap but effective brand of moisturizer do you use?

PS This is NOT a sponsored post.