And no, I'm not talking about this

Pagod-ah! In the Filipino "gay" lingo, Pagoda means dead tired. And yes, this perfectly exemplifies what I feel as I'm typing this post.

I woke up early to attend my friend's unlikely weekday and early morning wedding.
She chose me as one of her bridesmaids so I really need to prepare. Since the wedding was too early, it was impossible for me to drop by the beauty salon. In effect, I did everything my way. Truth is, I left everything to my expensive MAC Studio Fix. Haha If there's one thing I learned from my friend's wedding, it's the need for me to finally learn how to do real and formal make up.

Before heading to the church, I need to drop by the office to check some files and prepare documents for my evening classes. I finished everything and I was able to arrive at the church just in time for the wedding. I don't want my tardiness to ruin my friend's special day. Good thing, the heavens connived for me. I was able to get a smart taxi driver! :) He knew the shortcuts and secret escapes from the everyday traffic.

After the wedding, I rushed back to the office to beat a deadline for another department. I almost thought that the rest of the afternoon will run smoothly. I was called to join an afternoon meeting ... which meant I have to move away from my current task. In my mind, I wanted to shout, not this time please... Left with no choice, I attended the meeting while my mind is occupied with other tasks.

The meeting lasted for hours and little do I know, it's already time for my evening class. Since I was so tired and preoccupied, headache started to attack me. I checked my bag and there's someone who saved the day. I still have pieces of Advil and Dolfenal. Thank you pain relievers!

I was looking forward to end the day. I was excited to deliver my lecture and finish everything. A little suprise came in because the classes were suspended as a result of the heavy rains. Hooray! I rushed home as I was afraid of getting stranded with the flock of commuters.

I safely arrived home feeling very tired and sleepy. As much as I want to finally call it a day, I have to prolong my agony. I still need to prepare my lectures for tomorrow's class.

This may not be my best day. But something made me smile despite of everything.

While my patience is dwindling and my irritation level heightens, I found this package waiting for me.

St. Barts in Ecru - My 4th pair from Anthology

Happiness! Anthology flats are on sale here. I ordered this pair online and got in 2 days. A secret to confess, the shoes are on regular prices in their mall outlets. ;)  So if you have plans of acquiring a pair, better check out their online sale.

PS This should have been published last night. I think I forgot to hit the publish button before I logged out. Haha