If you love hopeless romantic reads, then this book is for you.

But here’s a critical consideration.

If you are strict with the proper structuring of literary reads, you might end up disliking the book.
Train Man is one of those books that can tickle your romantic bone. That is, if you can appreciate superficial teenage reads. The book however doesn’t involve teenage kids as the characters. Two equally mature adults with their troop of virtual supporters were responsible in fueling the entire story.

The main character introduced himself as Train Man. He got this code name because of a train incident which led him to Lady Hermes. On the way home, Lady Hermes and the other female passengers were harassed by a drunken male passenger. As what we often see in movies and drama series, Train Man came to their rescue.  However, it wasn’t the perfect “you-are-my-hero” moment for Train Man. If such part will be translated to a movie, Train Man's attempt to protect the helpless females will surely end up as the silliest and hilarious scene.

After the incident, Lady Hermes sent a gratitude gift to Train Man. It was a luxurious set of Hermes tea cups, which earned Lady Hermes her code name. As expected, Train Man became attracted to Lady Hermes. Everything seems to be perfect except for one problem. Train Man is the ultimate torpe (shy guy). Being friendless doesn’t help Train Man at all. Train Man sought refuge through an online forum and soon enough, he has a troop of support system from the netizens.

You can sense that Train Man has a shallow story. The plot is really fitted to the younger members of the populace. Despite of this, I found myself enjoying the book. As much as I want to deny it, I developed that surprising attachment to the story. And I admit, I love the book.

Train Man’s story may not qualify for any literary award. But I guess to the hearts of all the hopeless romantics and kids at hearts, this will receive silent acclamations and praises. For some reason, the book awakened my long been buried teenage romantic hormones. I believe that this is a talent, which not all authors can achieve. Added to this is the overflowing humor from Train Man's support system. This made a perfect light and engaging read. 

Since Train Man has an unlikely literary structure, quotes and powerful words are nowhere to be found. In exchange for structure, I was able to discover some good values from the story. Nakano was able to prove that people have the innate tendency to help. Train Man's online support system was superb! Strangers taking time to help and cheer Train Man was priceless. The book was like a modern day Cinderella, where the netizens acted as the fairy godmother and Cinderella was morphed to Mr. Shy Guy. haha

If you are looking for a light, entertaining, and humorous read, I highly recommend Train Man. As for my rating, I'll give it 4 out of 5 stars. 

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