My frequent trips to Watsons have been giving me some surprise discoveries. My quest for cheap but effective beauty products led me to other products that shouldn't have been part of my monthly budget. As much as I want to deny it, I believe that my shopaholic hormones learned to appreciate beauty products to toiletries. But I guess, this is a better place to become shopaholic. Before acquiring an additional pair of flats, I should consider my beauty issues first. ;) I badly needed beauty products that can protect my always abused skin.

My recent product finds are not as expensive as my MAC Studio Fix Foundation. Thank God! What I have here are toiletries that caught my attention and ended up bringing home.

Dove for men
Seriously, Dove for men? This was my silent reaction when I saw this on the racks of Watson's new products.

It's for men but my curiosity prevailed. I want to find out its difference with the female line. And my verdict? It feels like a germicidal soap. Dove's trademark of that moisturizing effect was nowhere to be found in this variant.
Colgate Optic White
For the longest time, I never bought the idea that toothpaste can really whiten our teeth. My personal belief is that all toothpaste simply cleanses our teeth. The only brand I believed performed other function is Sensodyne. I use Sensodyne to prevent and treat my attacks of sensitive teeth. But why did I decide to purchase this relatively expensive toothpaste? For the longest time, I've been battling the discoloration of my teeth. I'm wearing braces for four years and cleaning my teeth with the metal wires is one of my truggles. It's hard to reach all the areas of my teeth with all those metal contraptions.

I finished my first tube of Colgate Optic White and my verdict? It works! It doesn't totally whiten the teeth though. What I noticed is the immediate lightening effect. If consistently used, I guess this can help in really whitening the teeth. As for the price, the small tube costs around Php 60-70 (around $ 1 to 2).

Lactacyd Whitening Feminine Wash
This one is the biggest revelation for me. Haha Do I have to explain?

I grew up using Lactacyd. When pH Care was introduced in the Philippine market, I shifted to the cheaper brand. I particularly love pH Care's Cool Wind. The cooling effect was the best. Haha Before taking home another bottle of pH care, I noticed Lactacyd's new packaging. I thought it was the same old pink Lactacyd. I examined the bottle and was surprised with the whitening effect ?!? This was a bit expensive than pH care. But since this was something new for me, I tried it. And for my verdict? I don't know. Hahahaha One thing I noticed about this new Lactacyd is the foamy and creamy concentration. Unlike the previous Lactacyd, this one is almost like shampoo.

Do you have any surprise product discoveries too? I would love to read and discover more.