Sunday, June 30, 2013

Beautiful Sunday # 62 - Another date from the Happy Gluttons

We made another family reunion last week. 

We celebrated the baptism of the newest kid on the block. Our family gained another happy and healthy baby boy. 

The family is beginning to love Estrel's caramel cake. If only ordering this cake wouldn't cause that much hassle, it wouldn't take another occasion for us to experience this cake. 

Here are other beautiful and memorable photos from the event. 

More than the food, everyone loved the balloon decorations.

and as always, here are the happy gluttons :)

Happy Sunday!


  1. what a lovely event.You was also looking so cute.

  2. Aw! Happy Birthday, Baby Israel!

    Lovely photos of the party, and I want to thank you for hosting!


  3. ang cute nung balloons and cake ^^ happy baptism to baby israel :D

  4. Welcome baby Israel, what an exciting time for your family. The cake looks delicious and the room looks so festive with all the fun decorations. Thanks for all the pictures, you look so cute as usual:-)

  5. How precious! Babies are such a blessing for the whole family. He is beautiful! And look how cute you look in that striped top! It looks just like what I love to wear! Happy Sunday!

  6. Hi! ask ko lng how much ung cost nung cake?

    1. Check this page Eriemay


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