I will never get tired of saying how I love Fridays. It's my favorite time of the work week. It signals the last day at work, I can wear my own clothes and my entire day is confined in the office. No teaching chores to beat for a day. :)

Aside from a having a more relaxed workday, Fridays for me are best coupled with payday. Never mind the long lines in the ATM and supermarkets. My screaming empty wallet is refilled with that hard-worked bills of happiness. I can pay my bills, I can purchase groceries and toiletries (one of my unusual and favorite things to do), I can try out a new dish and sometimes, I have reasons to go out with my workplace friends. They can't refuse my invitation because everyone has the temporary means to splurge. ;)

I never had plans of going out last Friday. I have been sleep deprived the entire week because of the lectures and powerpoint presentations to review. I wanted to go home for that much coveted sleeping hours. After doing some budgeting, I also felt the need to tighten the financial belt. For this payday, I told myself to be contented with these cheap treats.

Oreo Cake
A slice of Oreo cake from the workplace's cafe which was a treat from the Big Boss ;)

A bag of my favorite chips and a value meal from Taco Bell

Potatoes in cheese sauce and yes I know, the unhealthiest way to treat myself.

The unhealthy treat with a huge quesadilla. Tender ground beef oozing with cheese sauce in the juiciest pita bread, beat that! haha
 To my defense, I shared this with my Dad :)

The food porn continues because I had an unexpected dinner with two of my workplace friends. My original plan of going home early didn't push through. Blame the difficulty of getting a ride to the train station. Our patience was dwindling so we decided to have dinner. We headed to our favorite cheapskate meals at Pizza Hut.

Vegetable Salad
Spaghetti Bolognese

Cream of Mushroom Soup
Baked Carbonara
We had dinner over a cheap but overflowing table. Budget considerations, check! Aside from the cheap but great food, I appreciate the hours of stories, gossips and best of all, laughter. I never laughed that hard for the longest time. I admit that we became the silent mean girls for a while for the benefit of laughter. I wish I could share everything here. But my friend G might not talk with me again. (Dear friend G, do I have to say that his initials are JCG? To be fair though, mine starts with M and I leave things for you to find out. Anyway, you don't read my blog so there's no harm of doing some revealing here. LOL)

I know I was more than physically tired last Friday. I'm overwhelmed and burdened with tons of concerns and worries. All I needed was a break but I was treated with so much more.  I feel so blessed and thankful. At the end of the day, I know for myself that being surrounded by real friends form my perfect little moments. I don't need everything. I'm happy and contented with my own dose of perfect little moments.