Last week, a family member celebrated his birthday. It has been a tradition from the maternal side of the family to celebrate birthdays in a nearby buffet restaurant. It's either in Vikings, The Alley or Buffet 101. But truth to be told, I rarely join because I know my capability. I will only overeat ad overstay in the Japanese section. :p But last weekend, I was forced to join because everyone has noticed my continuous absences. :p I have been skipping celebrations for quite some time. I joined them at All4u Grill and Shabu Shabu at SM Masinag. It was my first time to try this unlimited grill place.

What to expect?

We tried the Php 599 unlimited package. 

It's easy to find a grill or shabu shabu restaurant these days. Grill restaurants of different price range are everywhere, especially the popular Samgyup or grilled Korean pork belly. In the case of All4u, they offer beyond the usual Korean barbecue of beef and pork. They have shrimps, chicken breast, small slices of pork steak and fish. Unlike the usual grill restaurants, All4u's offers shabu sahabu. You can choose from three kinds of soup or try them in different servings. Options for shabu shabu include Kimchi Jjigae, Bulgogi Soup and Shabu-Shabu Soup. We both tried the Bulgogi and Shabu-Shabu soup. Both have tasty broth, which I think most Filipinos would appreciate. But honestly, it's far from the usual shabu shabu I was expecting. You shouldn't expect full blown ingredients like tofu, enoki mushroom, corn slices and radish. 

Bottomless iced tea and each meal also comes with a free Melona ice cream. :)

The slices of meat tasted fine, nothing spectacular or special. But the finer meat slices didn't come deceiving. A lot of Korean grill restaurants I tried usually provide fatty pork slices on your 3rd to 4th tray. In the case of All4u, everything remained almost consistent. Almost, except for the slices of pork steak. The meat was no longer soft, tender and tasty on the second serving. 

Other than food, I love the clean floor and tables and spacious area. It's far from the usual grill restaurants where everything is crowded and floors become slippery. The grilling machine also uses infrared technology. This is way easier and safer to operate. There's no charcoal or butane powered stove to worry about. Overall, I'm giving All4u 4 out of 5 stars.