A few weeks ago, I have the need to secure a police clearance for a school related application. In my years of working, this was my first time to secure a police clearance. I thought the NBI clearance suffices in most cases. The usual move, I searched information of where and how I can secure the clearance within my hometown. The existing information posted online led me to the PNP Office situated at the Bulawagn ng Katarungan (DOJ Building). This is the building behind the City Hall.

So off I went to this site and was told that the Office has been transferred. The PNP Office, which houses the application and issuance of clearance, is at the 4th floor of the Legislative Building.

The requirements for the police clearance remain the same. You need to present a valid Barangay Clearance and Community Tax Certificate (Cedula). (Also prepare a photocopy for submission.) Both can be obtained from your respective Barangay Office. I secured my documents from Concepcion Uno's Barangay Hall. I have to mention that everything went smooth and efficient. Same goes when I underwent the process of securing the Police Clearance. The steps are as follows

Step 1 - Fill out the application form and finger printing process (This gets dirty and messy. Bring your own alcohol or baby wipes. Though the employee in the area sells wet wipes for Php 10 each.)

Step 2 - Pay the processing of Php 100

Step 3 - Present the receipt and file for biometrics

Step 4 - Releasing

I spent less than one hour to process and claim my police clearance. In like manner, it didn't take me an hour to gather the requirements from our Barangay's Office. I hope all government offices function this way.

I also discovered that the PNP issues a national police clearance. The usual police clearance issued are specific for certain areas or cities. I wasn't aware of this for the longest time. Best about everything, the Marikina site processes applications. The national police clearance works like the NBI Clearance.  Apply online, pay and claim the clearance onsite. However, an advantage of the national police clearance is its capability to easily distinguish your identity, even if you have "hits." This meant sharing the same name with a person possessing criminal cases. Unlike in an NBI Clearance, 10 days is required to differentiate your identity.

I decided to write this post to hopefully serve as public service information. :) Most pages I found online are already outdated. Hope this helped you.