Last Sunday of September, still can't catch up. Nearing the last months of the year and everything from my end remains unstable. My freelance works are all done. I hope everything turns out well, no more revisions to address. Other than revisions, the challenge of freelancing is the uncertainty of professional fees. Even with the presence of a written agreement, settlement is always at the mercy of the client. This reminds me of a past client whose project ended last July. It's been two months and half of my professional fee remains pending. I'm praying she will settle before the year ends. Hopefully, it's not in the form of partial payment again. I'm not sure how other freelancers address this predicament. If my lone source of income is freelancing, I would be already be in deep financial mess. This is something I wish to bring up to companies and individuals availing the services of freelancers. In as much as freelancers do their best to abide with your deadlines, please do your share by compensating on time.

On the lighter side, I've been stalking Go Kyung Pyo for weeks. :D He may not be the handsomest, but I find him attractive after finishing his last Korean drama, Cross. He is currently serving his compulsory military service, so I'm limited with updates. I'm digging archives from You Tube and other social media channels. I'm trying to watch his past dramas, but nothing compares with Cross. ;) In the future, I hope he'll have projects with my other favorite Korean actors and actresses. It would be so nice to see Go Kyung Pyo with Kim Tae Hee, Song Joong Ki, Joo Won, and Yang Jin Sung again.

This book finally completes my Kate Spade print collections. I ordered this early this month from Book Depository and was surprised to receive it before the month ended.

My Kate Spade family is complete. Thank you Fully Booked, Book Depository and Thrift Books for making everything happen. Same goes to all the companies that gave me the opportunity for sponsored posts. The rare earnings I receive from blogging usually goes straight to Book Depository. :p

In between work and grown up concerns, some good things come along. I'm blessed to have older and senior colleagues as part of my support system. A mentor and former superior still trusts my capability. Other than work, she unselfishly shared her wisdom on work and life. She left me sensible thoughts last week. Same goes with another older colleague, she took time to listen to my predicament. And recently, my friend T, who emphasized my need to let go of that emotional baggage.

When I started working in 2004, I never asked and expected for friends. At that time, my only concern was to secure a decent source of employment. I just wanted a job that can sustain me, my family and my field of discipline. But life made better plans. Some people may have made life harder for me. But I was compensated with the best and most trusted friends. These people are more than enough to keep me going. :)