This wasn't the first time I visited a branch of HMR Trading Haus. I remember three years ago when my cousin brought me to its Cubao branch. It was nearing Christmas in effect, there were overwhelming selections. There are the usual Christmas decors, bed sheets, toys, perfume, clothes, kitchen tools and materials for arts and crafts are everywhere. I ended buying rolls of gift wrappers, which lasted for three years and some Christmas decorations.

It took me years to revisit, even if I've been meaning to drop by for some photo styling materials. There were still the same items. Although I have to say, the collections somehow diminished. But just the same, there were a lot of interesting items. Allow me to share items that captured my attention. 

I wish to have a piece of this accent chair.

Recliners and lazy boy chairs are always fully stocked in their Cubao branch 

Still expensive, but definitely cheaper than those available in the market

 Furniture crush :) - I've been wishing to own an L-shaped detachable couch

I love the rustic feel of this table.

Called as the Papaya Chair, so cute and comfortable in person. Almost perfect, except that it costs Php 7,999. 

Another favorite is this outdoor couch, I didn't dare to ask for its price

Boxes of Christmas cards at Php 35 each box 

A car seat that costs only Php 1,299 

Clothes, which I didn't anymore consider 

Plenty of stocks for this air fryer - It costs around Php 3,000, not bad for the the usual Php 7,000 and above prices from SM and Robinson's Appliance Centers. My concern though is the durability and warranty.  

Toasters of different sizes 

This Coleman portable barbecue set is in my wish list. But tbh, I still find it expensive around Php 6,000. 

The lamps reminded me of IKEA and the Korean drama, My Golden Life. :) I remember the lead female character made a similar wooden lamp. 

A little cheaper than those sold at Toby's Sports 

Total cost of the fence is around Php 3,000 

Some huge luggage for your upcoming trip, each costs around Php 3,000 and above

There are a lot more interesting items in the shop. Although admittedly, I preferred the items from my previous visit. Nevertheless, it's always fun window shopping at HMR Trading Haus.