I've been wanting to visit the BGC area for Shake Shack. I'm willing to take the inconvenient route to Taguig only for this most awaited burger joint. I planned everything weeks ago, but nothing materialized. Until last Friday, I had the opportunity to leave the workplace earlier. So off I went to see my friend A for another food escapade. 

True to what my friend said, the number of diners increases around 5 pm onwards. We arrived a little past 4:30 pm, there are still adequate seats. Ordering was fast and efficient. Customer service is adequate and excellent. Serving of order didn't take a lot of time. 

I ordered the single  Shack Burger (Php 250), fries (Php 130), cheesy fries (Php 180), soda (Php 70) and Salted Caramel shake (around Php 130).

These fries taste great. It's not so oily and servings are adequate.

The most awaited Shack Burger 

The slices of vegetable are fresh. The burger is oozing with cheese. I have high expectations with the meat because as Shake Shack claimed, it's made from Angus beef. But admittedly, I didn't find anything great or distinct. For me, the entire burger was fine, nothing fancy or remarkable. 

If I will be asked to rate, I'll give Shake Shack 3 out of 5 stars. I will come back for the fries, but I'll try the hotdog sandwiches next time.

Shake Shack Philippines
Central Square
Bonifacio High Street, Taguig