It was another payday Friday when I found myself inside Watsons Gateway branch. I was wandering along the racks of beauty products when I saw this brand of foot peeling mask. It only costs Php 99, way cheaper than another brand I previously tried. Without much expectations, I bought the pack and used it a few weeks ago. 

Warning : Undesirable photos ahead :) 

I already tried two brands of foot peeling mask. The first was Foot Appeal and the other was from Watsons' own brand label. The latter was cheaper but did not deliver results. Foot Appeal lived to its promise of really peeling an entire layer of skin off my feet. Unfortunately, Foot Appeal is no longer available in Watsons. I saw another brand, Baby Foot, which retails around Php 900 in Rustans. Foot Appeal was sold at around Php 250, there's no way I would try an expensive brand that delivers the same result. 

At Php 99, I have no expectations from Megan Exfoliating Foot Mask. I used the mask several weeks ago and totally forgot about it. Three days after, this surprised me. :p

My foot was profusely peeling. This was 3 days after I used the foot mask. 

This was day 4 of the peeling process. The photos below were the effects on the succeeding days. 

Just like other foot masks, I didn't experience any pain, itching or redness 

What further surprised me, the peeling extended above my ankles

I think I found a better and cheaper alternative to Foot Appeal. It's definitely 5 out of 5 stars for Megan Exfoliating Foot Mask.

Other than delivering results, here are some things I discovered from using foot masks

1. Skin really feels so soft after the entire peeling process. There are no redness, pain or itching from my experience.
2. The baby soft skin may only last for months. The most is 3 to 4 months. Eventually, the feet will experience all the pressure from walking and other forms of activities. In effect, there's another layer of skin that becomes rough and dry.
3. For best results, wear socks when using the foot mask. This will make your skin better absorb the solution.
4. Avoid wearing slippers days after using the mask. You'll never know when your skin will start to peel. :) Also, your skin might be more prone to wounds or irritation during the peeling process.
5. The soles will experience the most peeling. The upper part of your feet may not have the same degree of peeling, which quite frustrated me. :p